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1. NY Bombers y
2. Dawgs from Easton
3. Lordz of Flatbush
4. Fishing with Mendoza
5. The Naked Truth
6. The Cunning Linguists

y- Playoff qualifier

NY Bombers yankeesrule2000
C- Dan Wilson- Mariners/ .295-6-44
1B- Derrek Lee- Marlins/ .270-27-86 (19 SB)
2B- Ray Durham- Giants/ .289-15-70 (26 SB)
3B- Tony Batista- Orioles/ .244-31-87
SS- Rich Aurilia- Giants/ .257-15-61
OF- Vladimir Guerrero- Expos/ .336-39-111 (40 SB)
OF- Bobby Abreu- Phillies/ .308-20-85 (31 SB)
OF- Larry Walker- Rockies/ .338-26-104
Util- Reggie Sanders- Pirates/ 249-23-85 (18 SB)
Bench- Marquis Grissom- Giants/ .277-17-60
Bench- Andy Fox- Marlins/ .251-4-41 (31 SB)

SP- Hideo Nomo- Dodgers 16-6
SP- Russ Ortiz- Braves 14-10
SP- Cory Lidle- Blue Jays 8-10
SP- Jason Jennings- Rockies 16-8
SP- Jon Garland- White Sox 12-12
RP- Matt Mantei- Diamondbacks 2-2 (INJ)
RP- Scott Stewart- Expos 4-2, 17 saves
CL- Kaz Sasaki- Mariners 4-5, 37 saves
Bench- Joey Eischen- Expos 6-1, 2 saves
Bench- Ryan Jensen- Giants 13-8

Infield: B

Solid all the way around. Derek Lee is one of the most underrated players in baseball. Tony Batista could be good for 30+ HR again. Rich Aurilia’s stats should be somewhere in between last year and his career year in 2001. Dan Wilson, if he gets enough playing time is a solid backstop and Ray Durham is a complete player at second.

Outfield: A+

Vlad Guerrero automatically makes any outfield above average, but the other two starters are also superstars. Larry Walker and Bobby Abreu are tremendous hitters who will both have great years. Add to that the best OF in baseball in Vlad and you have the best OF in the division and probably the league.

Utility Guy: Reggie Sanders

Reggie is aging and it all really depends on if he has one good year left. I think he does.

Starting Pitching: C+

Nomo and Ortiz are good, the other three are decent. The have no real ace on the staff, which is definitely a bad thing.

Relief Pitching: B+

Kaz Sasaki, Matt Mantei (if healthy), and Scott Stewart should all get saves this year.

TEAM QUESTION: Will the pitching be decent? A solid if not strong staff, if they perform well there will be no catching the Bombers. I believe this to be the case.


C- Mike Lieberthal- Phillies .279-15-52
1B- Todd Helton- Rockies .329-30-109
2B- Adam Kennedy- Angels .312-7-52 (17 SB)
3B- Eric Hinske- Blue Jays .279-24-84
SS- Omar Vizquel- Indians .275-14-72 (18 SB)
OF- Albert Pujols- Cardinals .314-34-127
OF- Luis Gonzalez- Diamondbacks .288-28-103
OF- Darin Erstad- Angels .283-10-73 (23 SB)
Util- Jay Gibbons- Orioles .247-28-69
Bench- Marlon Anderson- Devil Rays .258-8-48

SP- Tim Hudson- Athletics 15-9
SP- Mark Buehrle- White Sox 19-12
SP- Brian Lawrence- Padres- 12-12
SP- Kaz Ishii- Dodgers 14-10
SP- Brett Myers- Phillies 4-5
RP- Joel Piniero- 14-7
RP- Terry Adams- Phillies 7-9
RP- Carl Pavano- Marlins 6-10
Bench- Josh Fogg- Pirates 12-12
Bench- Jason Johnson- Orioles- 5-14
Bench- Shawn Estes- Cubs- 5-12

Infield- B+

Solid to very good players at every position and one great one at first in Todd Helton. They are one superstar in the IF away from an A.

Outfield: A-

Albert Pujols is one of the best in the game and will anchor Easton’s lienup. The only thing keeping this category from an A is Luis Gonzalez and his health issues. He is getting up there in age and missed several games last year because of a shoulder problem. His production also went way down after a career year in 2001. If he can stay healthy, this OF is outstanding. If Darin Erstad can return to his form from two years ago, it’s the best in the league.

Utility Man: Jay Gibbons

A big power threat, won’t hit for much average and not much speed.

Starting Pitching: B

Hudson and Buehrle give this staff a nice start but the other three starters; Brian Lawrence, Kaz Ishii, and Brett Myers, are unproven. Lawrence is about a .500 pitcher, but the other two are wild cards.

Relief Pitching: D

The Dawgs will most likely not record a single save in the 2003 season. Joel Piniero will most likely have a solid year as a starter, which keeps them from failing in this area.

TEAM QUESTION: Can the Dawgs win without a closer? It might be difficult not getting a single point in the save category, but it most definitely can be done with the league point scheme.



C- Jason Varitek- Red Sox/ .266-10-61
1B- Paul Konerko- White Sox/ .304-27-104
2B- Bret Boone- Mariners/ .274-24-107
3B- Troy Glaus- Angels/ .250-30-111
SS- Jose Hernandez- Rockies/ .288-24-73
OF- Dave Roberts- Dodgers/ .277-3-34 (45 steals)
OF- Michael Tucker- Dodgers/ .248-12-56 (23 steals)
OF- Chris Singleton- Athletics/ .262-9-50 (20 steals)
Util- Jose Vidro- Expos/ .315-19-96
Bench- Sean Casey- Reds
Bench- Sean Burroughs- Padres

SP- Curt Schilling- Diamondbacks 23-7
SP- Jarrod Washburn- Angels 18-6
SP- Johan Santana- Twins 8-6
SP- Orlando Hernandez- Expos 8-5
SP- Rodrigo Lopez- Orioles 15-9
RP- Denny Neagle- Rockies 8-11
RP- Brandon Villafuerte- Padres 1-2
Cl- Jorge Julio- Orioles 5-6, 25 saves
Bench- Ryan Dempster- Reds 10-13
Bench- Brandon Duckworth- Phillies 8-9

Infield: B

While the Lordz don’t really have a complete standout on the offensive end, they do have several players with the potential to fill that role. Troy Glaus should hit 40 HRs again this season and Paul Konerko might be good for 30 more. Together, the corner infielders anchor the Lordz offense.

Outfield: C

Built solely on speed without any power, the OF unit for the Lordz is one of the fastest in the league. Dave Roberts is a 40+ SB type of guy if he gets enough playing time and Marquis Grissom, while aging, should add 15-20 more. Chris Singleton and his 20 SB round out the OF. The speed is all fine and dandy, but in this day and age, most teams have at least one good outfielder who can hit. These three’s power output combined was only 24 HR in 2002.

The Utility Man- Jose Vidro

Vidro, the 2B for the Montreal Expos put up very solid numbers last year hitting over .300 with almost 20 HR and almost 100 RBI. Very solid player.

Starting Pitching: A-

Any team with the 1-2 punch of Curt Schilling and Jarrod Washburn gets at least a B no matter who else is on the staff. Unfortunately, after them, it all goes way downhill. The other starters are good enough to raise it half a grade, especially El Duque, but he’s playing in Montreal. They are one quality starter away from an A.

Bullpen: C-

Jorge Julio, the closer, is still a question mark at his young age. The other two relievers, Brandon Villafuerte and Johan Santana are average at best for this league.

TEAM QUESTION: Can the superstars perform like superstars? If Shilling and Washburn can win 40 games combined and Glaus and Konerko hit 75 homers combined, this could be the team to beat.

Fishing with Mendoza BrianNYYanks

C- A.J. Pierzynski- Twins/ .300-6-49
1B- John Olerud- Mariners/ .300-22-102
2B- Alfonso Soriano- Yankees/ .300-39-102 (41 SB)
3B- Craig Counsell- Diamondbacks/ .282-2-51
SS- Barry Larkin- Reds/ .245-7-47
OF- Chipper Jones- Braves/ .327-26-100
OF- Cliff Floyd- Mets/ .289-28-79 (15 SB)
OF- Randy Winn- Mariners/ .298-14-75 (27 SB)
Util- Frank Thomas- White Sox/ .252-28-92
Bench- Robert Fick- Braves/ .270-17-63
Bench- Javy Lopez- Braves/ .233-11-52
Bench- Orlando Hudson- Blue Jays/ .276-4-23

SP- Mark Mulder- Athletics 19-7
SP- Mike Hampton- Braves 7-15
SP- Tomo Ohka- Expos 13-8
SP- Chan Ho Park- Rangers 9-8
SP- Runelvys Hernandez- Royals 4-4
RP- Jeff Weaver- Yankees 11-11
RP- Antonio Alfonseca 2-5, 19 saves
CL- Danny Graves- Reds 7-3, 32 saves
Bench- Franklyn German 1-0, save.

Infield: B

Pierzynski, Olerud, Soriano. That’s the catcher and the right side of the infield. It looks like they’re well on their way to an A, but that’s where the good players stop. Craig Counsell, who might not play much this year, and Barry Larkin, who is way past his prime round out the infield.

Outfield: A-

Chipper Jones is one of the most consistent players in baseball, he’s good for another .320-25-110 season at worst. Cliff Floyd’s adjustment to the Mets and playing in New York will also be important to this team. Randy Winn will be playing for something now and it is yet to be determined.

Utility Man: Frank Thomas

How the mighty have fallen. Frank can still hit for power and could still have a “Big Hurt”-esque year left in him. Only time will tell.

Starting Pitching: C

Mark Mulder is a stud, but the sure things end there. Can Mike Hampton bounce back to pre-Rockies form? Can Tomo Ohka succeed more in Montreal? Can Chan Ho Park bounce back? Is Runelvys Hernandez as good as he was last year? If all of those questions are answered yes, then this is one heck of a staff. If they are all answered no, they could be heading straight to the celler. A gamble of a pitching staff.

Relief Pitching: B

Jeff Weaver is the Long Reliever here and he should get a bunch of wins for the Yankees. Danny Graves and Antonio Alfonseca should pick up some saves.

TEAM QUESTION: Again, the pitching is the question. Re-read the Starting Pitching section of this report for some more information on this.

The Naked Truth patrick.o

C- Jorge Posada- Yankees/ .268-20-99
1B- Rafael Palmeiro- Rangers/ .273-43-105
2B- Craig Biggio- Astros/ .253-15-58 (16 SB)
3B- Adrian Beltre- Dodgers/ .257-21-75
SS- Alex Rodriguez- Rangers/ .300-57-145
OF- Ken Griffey Jr.- Reds/ .264-8-23 (INJ)
OF- Juan Gonzalez- Rangers/ .282-8-35 (INJ)
OF- Richard Hidalgo- Astros/ .235-15-48
Util- Carlos Guillen- Mariners/ .261-9-56
Bench- Jeromy Burnitz- Mets/ .215-19-54
Bench- Carl Everett- Rangers/ .267-16-62

SP- Greg Maddux- Braves/ 16-6
SP- Randy Wolf- Phillies/ 11-9
SP- Kirk Rueter- Giants/ 14-8
SP- Ben Sheets- Brewers/ 11-16
SP- Jeff Suppan- Pirates/ 9-16
RP- Danys Baez- Indians/ 10-11, 6 saves
RP- Mike Stanton- Mets/ 7-1, 6 saves
CL- Mike DeJean- Brewers/ 1-5, 27 saves
Bench- Aaron Sele- Angels/ 8-9
Bench- Paul Wilson- Reds/ 6-12

Infield: A

The best offensive player in the American League by far anchors a great infield. Just short and third combines will give the Truth nearly 100 homers. Adrian Beltre has been due for a breakout year for sometime and Craig Biggio should be above average, as usual.

Outfield: TBD

There’s really no way to rate these three outfielders in Griffey, Hidalgo, and Gonzalez. Two of the three are extremely injury prone and the other was shot in the arm in an attempted car-jacking this offseason which caused nerve damage. The Astros are worried about that injury, as well as other ailments. If this outfield stays healthy and plays to their potential, the Naked Truth will make a run at the Ruth Division Title.

Utility Man: Orlando Cabrera/Jeromy Burnitz

If Burnitz looks strong for the rest of the pre-season, he just might win the utility job over Cabrera or even the starting OF job over Richard Hidalgo.

Starting Pitching: C+

Maddux is clearly the staff’s ace. After him, the staff is filled in by solid starters top to bottom. Randy Wolf is a solid #2. Kirk Rueter and Ben Sheets should be solid and Jeff Suppan could have a good year. Nothing special but shouldn’t be too bad.

Relief Pitching: C+

Baez should earn some wins and DeJean should close for the Brewers. Mike Stanton is also a good bet to get quite a few holds. No outstanding closer, so it can’t be any higher than this.

TEAM QUESTION: Will the Truth’s outfield be able to play up to their potential? If so, they will make a run at the title. If not, they could be in the celler.

Cunning Linguists #1PaFan

C- Jason Larue- Reds/ .249-12-52
1B- Jeff Conine- Orioles/ .273-15-63
2B- Fernando Vina- Cardinals/ .270-1-54 (17 SB)
3B- Todd Zeile- Yankees/ .273-18-87
SS- Orlando Cabrera-Expos/ .263-7-56 (25 SB)
OF- Magglio Ordonez- White Sox/ .320-38-135
OF- Ichiro Suzuki- Mariners/ .321-8-51 (31 SB)
OF- J.D. Drew- Cardinals/ .252-18-56
Util- Moises Alou- Cubs/ .275-15-61
Bench- Herbert Perrry- Rangers/ .276-22-77
Bench- Marty Cordova- Orioles/ .253-18-64

SP- Freddy Garcia- Mariners 16-10
SP- Kevin Brown- Dodgers 3-4 (INJ)
SP- Rick Reed- Twins 15-7
SP- Kevin Appier- Angels 14-12
SP- Eric Milton (OUT 4-6 MONTHS)
RP- Billy Koch- White Sox 11-4, 44 saves
RP- Jose Mesa- Phillies 4-6, 45 saves
RP- LaTroy Hawkins- Twins 6-0
RP- Chris Reitsma- Reds- 6-12
Cl- Troy Percival- Angels- 4-1, 40 saves.

Infield: D

Herbert Perry will most likely take over for Zeile at third, as Zeile will not play everyday. Jason Larue is still unproven as a catcher and Jeff Conine, while a decent player, is not at the level of most first basemen in the league. Fernando Vina is more of a defensive 2B, which doesn’t help here.

Outfield: A-

The only thing that keeps this lower than an A is the fact that A means the best that you can get. J.D. Drew is not in that class. He is a good player, but not as good as Magglio Ordonez or Ichiro. This is one of the strongest outfields in the league.

Utility Man: Moises Alou

Solid player, good for some homers, but on the downturn.

Starting Pitching: D

Freddy Garcia might be good, but one of the five starters is out for the year in Eric Milton. Also, I don’t think that anyone trusts that Kevin Brown will remain healthy throughout the year. Reed and Appier will get some wins, but both have rather high ERAs.

Relief Pitching: A+

Having three closers with more than 40 saves is enough to get an A+ from me. The trio of Percival, Koch, and Mesa should rack up some serious save points for the Linguists.

QUESTION: How will Kevin Brown, Rick Reed, and Kevin Appier perform? If Brown can get back to his normal self before his injuries, the Linguists might surprise you.


A trade that would send Bobby Abreu to the Dawgz from Easton for Luis Gonzalez and Mark Buehrle could go through as soon as tomorrow. More details on this big trade, the first of the nyyfans.com Fantasy Season, and the implications of the deal as they break.

03-17-03, 09:33 PM
Wow. This is a pretty in depth breakdown. I'm hoping to improve my offense by dealing one of my aces but so far no offers to The Senators of The DiMaggio Division. Let's Make a Deal.

03-18-03, 07:22 AM
Great preview, Soriambi - a lot for the other reporters to live up to! I'll try and get some graphics (e.g. team logos) to everyone before the season begins, so that the reports can be broken up a little.

I have to say, I like the Truth's pitching a little more than you. Wolf is an ace in waiting, and might make a great keeper pick, while Maddux is great for a 36th pick. I also think Sheets has quite a bit of potential. Can't argue with the Bombers as favorites - that's a sick, sick outfield - but I do think Kevin Brown and Freddy Garcia could carry the Linguists quite a long way.

What does everyone else think?

Be seeing you,


03-18-03, 09:01 AM
Could ya put the names of the users next to the team names, so that we can get used to the new names?

03-18-03, 04:35 PM
Originally posted by Bozidar
Could ya put the names of the users next to the team names, so that we can get used to the new names?

Done :)

03-18-03, 07:18 PM
I like my team a lot...i now have an ace, and think i am done and ready to go... I also released Wilson and got Davis in his place.

03-18-03, 07:31 PM
Originally posted by Saxmania
while Maddux is great for a 36th pick.
Actually, Sax, Maddux was my 5th pick, making him 73rd overall.

Soriambi, great job on the preview (although I think I'll be a bit better off than you've pegged me!). The TBD you gave me for my outfield was a perfect grade. If I can get some bounceback out of Griffey, Gonzalez, and Burnitz, then my offense could be one of the best in the league. If I get the 2002 versions I'm sunk, unless my staff performs better than I anticipate - although I agree with Sax that they could be better than a C+ group.

03-19-03, 09:04 PM

An awesome display of sports knowledge and team rating!

Again really really nice job!

Mark Mulder my ace!http://sportsmed.starwave.com/media/mlb/2001/0828/photo/a_mulder_i.jpg

03-19-03, 10:41 PM
Originally posted by BrianNYYanks

An awesome display of sports knowledge and team rating!

Again really really nice job!

Mark Mulder my ace!

Thanks a lot Brian. :)