View Full Version : Got my skis tuned up!

11-25-00, 08:20 PM
I picked up my skis today from Mt. Everest Sports in Westwood NJ. They always do a good job of outfitting my family. I hear there's snow everywhere and that this is the best season opening in a long time. I'd like to get a respectable amount of skiing in this year. Mostly we go to Hunter, and Jiminy Peak. But I used to go a lot to Stowe in Vermont, and Wildcat in New Hampshire. I'm putting my 2 year old on skis this year. I have a special harness where he travels down the hill in front of me and I can turn him left or right. He's gonna be great I can tell.

Anyone else?

DW Fan
11-25-00, 10:10 PM
Have fun!
Break a leg. No don't break a leg.
I haven't skied in years, I almost killed myself on the ice last time I went so I'm now into warmer safer spectator sports.

11-26-00, 12:13 PM
I'm ready, too! LOL! I always rent skis, though. I go with the ski club at school... It's so awesome... The skiing around here isn't so good, we usually go about an hour and a half or so from where I live.

11-26-00, 07:50 PM
See ya on the slopes. I'll be the guy on the snowboard that keeps falling down. Then later I'll be the guy in the lodge drinking whatever fine brews they have to offer.