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11-19-00, 12:37 PM
Im Sooo Very HAAPPY!!!!!
UCLA was suppose to win the crosstown rivalry this weekend!
So I wasnt paying much attention!!!! Till I saw the Score and Highlights this morning!!!!!!

USC has always been my favorite! From the chance of going there, had my life not taken a different direction, to Tommy Trojan on His White Horse in the Rose Parade!!!! Added to that the Memories of the Tusk Recording by Fleetwood Mac with the USC Marching Band!!!!

WAY TO GO USC!!!! Whoohoo!!!!

Added to that Purdue won yesterday from Hubbys Homestate and they WILL Be in the Rose Parade Playing In the Rosebowl on New Years DAY!!!!

Congrats to Both Teams Fine Job Well Done!!!!:D

Baseball Withdrawal is Devestating So Far :(


11-19-00, 09:49 PM
well girlfriend, i'm glad that you are happy.
looks like the two of us don't agree on much, but at least we agree on our YANKS.:D

take care,

ps--go ucla! go gore!
(i just had to throw that in there;))

11-20-00, 11:35 AM

Just so you know, USC stands for

1. University of Spoiled Children

2. University of Second Choice, or

3. University Surrounded by Crips

11-20-00, 01:25 PM
Also stands for: University for Stupid Chinese

My Chinese friends came up with that one, they all go to USC.

11-21-00, 04:52 PM
Well for the rest of you I may be dreamin!!!!
But remember I said when I was looking for College that was like ?? some eons ago!!!! Now adays I couldnt afford it!
Also there was something about being a kid watching the Rose Parade on TV! But for the majority of my childhood thanks to church youthgroup activities and my Dad having a '59 Chevy Station Wagon I got to see the Rose Parade in Person!
And theres just something to a kids eye about seeing this gleaming White Horse with this knight coming charging down the street!
Plus i do have the Album Tusk and I do love hearing the Marching Band so what more can I say!!!!

Cept JL that was years ago! Now If Given the time to look over the situation and what I could have afforded then and now it would probably be the other school around your way!!!

Comeon UCLA has won more Football Championships then USC anyways!

hey JL we cant think alike on everything!



11-22-00, 02:57 PM

All the things we've ever said about dear old USuCk will be taken back if the Trojans don't burst under pressure and somehow beat Notre Dame. Oregon State, Kansas State and several other teams deserve better than to play in lesser bowls while Vatican Tech revs up its publicity machine and rides victories over powerhouses like Navy, Rutgers, Stanford, Boston College, and West Virginia to an undeserved BCS bowl.

11-25-00, 02:15 PM
JEAN your ok in my book dear. BUT just to let you know that I AM a die hard NOTRE DAME FAN. 1 more hour till kickoff!

11-29-00, 10:44 AM

If Vatican Tech gets to play VaTech, your squad will have found the one team I find as repulsive as the South Bend School in the top 20. It would be nice to the Turkeys play a real schedule to earn their ranking, and not just lose to Miami and move up the charts. Talk about a bowl game I don't need to watch.

11-29-00, 11:38 AM
LOOK since HOLTZ'S last year as ND coach and over the last 2 season's I AM thrilled to see this young team back. NEXT year they are gonna be hot! THE NEBRASKA game killed us, MICHIGAN ST. did not help either. BUT in the past especially under HOLTZ, we played everybody, MICHIGAN, MIAMI, FLORIDA ST. SOMETIME'S we were successful and sometime's we were not, I miss playing MICHIGAN, and MIAMI every year, but this team is good, and they deserve there ranking, WHO do you like?

12-02-00, 02:08 PM
FRESNO lets talk it up man! YOU know THE IRISH are good, you know it in your heart.

12-04-00, 09:13 AM

12-04-00, 06:14 PM

It's time for a real game--Notre Dame versus Oregon State in the Fiesta Bowl. If anyone is looking for the coach of the year it has to be Dennis Ericson.

The Beavers haven't been much for the past 32 years, which is about the last time they had a winning season or a bowl game. They are the antithesis of Notre Dame--no tradition, no name recognition, no talks about Heisman candidates, no exclusive network contract, no "hunt for the national championship." OSU basically snuck up on people during the regular season, so it will be interesting to see how the Oregon State players hold up to actual media coverage and a big game situation.

12-05-00, 02:38 AM
ND all the way! I have friends that go there so I have to root for them!

12-05-00, 11:49 AM
NO doubt ERICKSON is a great college coach, that is where he belong's in college, he took alot of heat at MIAMI for JIMMY JOHNSON'S alleged tactics for getting players to go to MIAMI and other thing's. BUT nothing would make me feel better than to cram it down his throat because I still see him as a HURRICANE, this game is gonna be tough, I AM taking that night off from work to watch it, I LOVE THE IRISH MAN, I just love them, alway's have and alway's will, this game will be tough for ND who really have not been in a big game since 1995 when they lost a tough one to FLORIDA ST.

12-05-00, 04:05 PM
Does ND have their own web site?

12-05-00, 05:39 PM
Both Erickson and Belloti (coach at Oregon) turned down the USC job. They'd rather stay at schools that have a chance of winning some games. Now that's something different.

12-05-00, 07:13 PM
You can't always be the coach of the best team. That is why there are other teams out there! To try and beat the best! Ah duh!