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11-16-00, 10:18 AM
So I get home at 9:00 p.m. last night, looking forward to watching the Rangers game on MSG. I have Comcast Cable so we only get MSG I - we don't get FOX Sports NY or MSG II. I turn on the TV as I crawl into bed and what do I see - the freakin' Chase Championships Preliminary Rounds!!!!!! Do I really care whether Lindsay Davenport beats some schmo from Sweden to make it into the second round? NO - I care about whether the Rangers tack another 2 points on their lead in the Atlantic (while the Devils remain in the cellar!!). I can't believe they pre-empted an NHL game for women's tennis - UNACCEPTABLE! See, this is why I need a satellite dish....

11-16-00, 10:19 AM
And now I just found out that Brian Leetch (my fav) scored the game-winning goal.....damn those cable companies!

11-16-00, 01:09 PM
We have the same problem up here. Oddly enough, we have been placed, according to the NHL, in the Buffalo Sabres market. Until Adelphia bought out our local cable company about a year ago, we didn't even get Empire Sports Network which broadcasts the Sabres games. There are a LOT more Rangers fans here than there are Sabres fans, but nobody asked our opinions, it was just decided for us. Thus we are only allowed to get a certain number of Rangers games, the rest have to be blacked out, even if MSG is carrying them. Adelphia has recently upgraded our cable system and has added digital cable to it. They promised me that by next fall they will offer the NHL season ticket package, so we can get virtually all the NHL games. THEN TELL ME I HAVE TO WATCH THE SABRES WHOEVER IS IN CHARGE OF THE NHL TV CONTRACT.

Jim F.
11-16-00, 01:18 PM
Actually, I watched the Tennis a lot last night - I thought that schmo from Sweden was a hottie!! :)


11-16-00, 03:17 PM
o-mom: my husband's best friend lives in Utica (what a small world - we were just up there in August) and he has the dish so that he can watch the rangers games - unfortunately i live in a townhouse and we just found out that we can't put the dish on the roof (which is the only spot where it would have been able to receive the signal) so i am SO pissed...we had already bought the hardware and everything...

hey jim - i never knew you were into "Swedish schmos"?? :)

11-16-00, 11:55 PM
Wow, really small world. That sucks about your townhouse. I have a friend who recently bought one, and he had to leave his dish behind too. But he has Time Warner and they have the NHL season ticket thing, so he doesn't really care. As long as he can get his Mets (gag) and his hockey, he's happy.