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Year in Review – Michigan Wolverines


Season Statistics[b]

Final Standings

[b]DiMaggio Division

Team Won Lost Av. % GB
1. Michigan Wolverines 15 3 311.3 83.3 -
2. Junior’s Bashers 11 7 302.9 61.1 4
3. German Gold Gloves 8 10 288.9 44.4 7
4. Buckeye Bombers 6 12 261.8 33.3 9
5. Italian Ice 2 16 234.7 11.1 13

Team Tracking

Seasonal average: 311.3
Seasonal standard deviation: 34.8
Seasonal high score: 402
Seasonal low score: 266


First 6 games: 4-2 (av. 307.8)
Second 6 games: 6-0 (av. 308.5)
Third 6 games: 5-1 (av. 317.5)

Against DiMaggio Division: 6-2 (.750)
Against Ruth Division: 5-0 (1.000)
Against Mantle Division: 4-1 (.800)

Home: 7-2 (.778)
Away: 8-1 (.889)

Interview with Coney36, owner of Michigan Wolverines

1) What was your immediate reaction after you'd drafted your team?

I actually thought I did a pretty good job. I mean, the focus of most of my fantasy teams had always been the pitching, so I was pretty psyched to have snatched Randy Johnson and Matt Morris. I thought I had a pretty decent chance of hanging in there with the rest of the league.

2) What's your assessment of the roster moves you made during the year?

Well, if they were going to have an off-year, I was thankful that Cirillo and Lidle showed they didn’t have it early, rather than later, in the season. As a result, even though I didn’t do any major trades like other teams did, I was able to swap for a reliable producer like Olerud off the waiver list. It also didn’t hurt that I got lucky with rookie surprises like Jensen and Santana off the waivers.

3) What do you think of your team's record, compared to your expectations?

Okay, honestly? There were times when my team gave me fits. I mean, as a group, they were pretty awesome, but they seem to go on hot and cold streaks all at the same time, even though in real life they don’t even play on the same teams. But then again, it is baseball, and no one goes 162-0, so maybe I’m being out of line here. After all, I did win the division…

4) Are you planning to return with your team for a 2003 season?

Definitely. Can we do a keeper league?

5) Which real-life MLB team did your franchise remind you of this season?

Okay, someone told me my team resembles the Boston Red Sox. Obviously I was not amused…

But seriously, I like to think my team had pretty great pitching and above average hitting. I really do think they’re somewhat like the Yankees, except my outfield had more power and their shortstop was much better than mine, even in a so-called off-year, haha…oh yeah, that and I didn’t really have a closer, but c’mon, Mo was on the DL three times this season, so doesn't that even it out?

Player Statistics

Position Players
Note: must play 5 games or more to qualify

Player Position Games Average
A. Pujols OF/3B 18 23.5
J. Kent 2B 18 22.56
T. Hunter U/OF 18 22.50
R. Sexson 1B 18 21.61
A. Jones OF 18 21.28
J. Olerud U 14 19.64
C. Patterson OF 7 16.57
P. LoDuca C 18 14.72
J. Uribe SS 18 14.39
T. Hollandsworth OF/U 5 12.80

Average hitter’s score: 16.85
Average hitter’s stay: 10.57 weeks

Note: both calculations include players who did not meet the games played qualification
Note: must play 5 games or more to qualify

Player Position Games Average
R. Johnson SP 18 37.67
A.J. Burnett SP 18 30.72
M. Morris SP 18 27.89
A. Ashby P 18 17.83
V. Nunez RP 8 16.00
O. Dotel RP 13 13.77
C. Lidle SP 7 8.57
F. Rodriguez RP 5 4.60

Average pitcher’s score: 17.04
Average pitcher’s stay: 8.4 weeks
Note: both calculations include players who did not meet the games played qualification

Team Leaders

Player HRs Games
J. Kent 25 18
R. Sexson 25 18
T. Hunter 23 18
A. Jones 23 18
A. Pujols 23 18

Player RBIs Games
A. Pujols 80 19
J. Kent 76 18
R. Sexson 74 18
T. Hunter 70 18
A. Jones 67 18

Player SBs Games
T. Hunter 19 18
C. Patterson 8 7
A. Jones 5 18
J. Uribe 5 18
T. Hollandsworth 4 5
J. Kent 4 18

Player Wins Games
R. Johnson 17 18
M. Morris 15 18
A.J. Burnett 12 18
A. Ashby 8 18
R. Jenson 3 9

Player Ks Games
R. Johnson 237 18
A.J. Burnett 155 18
M. Morris 137 18
A. Ashby 87 18
O. Dotel 53 13

Player Saves Games
V. Nunez 14 8
O. Dotel 3 13

Season Analysis

A remarkably solid season for the Wolverines, who saw a consistent weekly score translate into dominance over the rest of the DiMaggio Division – and, for that matter, the league. A roster built around three ace-caliber starters (Johnson, Morris, and Burnett) with a supporting cast of reliable contributors in the lineup (Kent, Pujols, Hunter, Olerud, Sexson, and LoDuca) meant a series of scores that hovered around the 300 mark, enough to dispatch the vast majority of the competition. Apart from the disappointment of an injury-blighted postseason, the Wolverines can be satisfied with a powerful first foray into the NYYFans League.

Groundouts are for sissies

The triple threat of Randy Johnson, Matt Morris, and A.J. Burnett was the engine within the Wolverines’ performances throughout the year. With Cy Young-winner Johnson racking up an overwhelming number of strikeouts to add to 17 wins and 545 outs recorded, Michigan could rely on nearly 40 points per week from the Arizona ace. Matt Morris’ year was not as flawless, with a red-hot start slightly let down by mid-season blues, as the Cardinals struggled to cope with a succession of tragedies. However, Burnett was the real bonus, with an average of over 30 and a hits/IP ratio as good as Johnson’s, although his walk rate was disappointing. With 34 wins from the first three starters, the Wolverines were already halfway towards dominance.

A good thing too, since the rest of the staff showed little sign of following in the Big Three’s footsteps. Andy Ashby was quietly effective, despite a large number of runs allowed, but the rotating bullpen suffered from lack of stability. Vladimir Nunez produced an acceptable number of saves, yet departed the team before the playoffs, while only Octavio Dotel stuck around for more than eight weeks. The rejected candidates frequently contributed acceptable scores, but few lasted more than a fortnight. With Cory Lidle an outright failure as a fourth starter (8.57 average) and Ryan Jensen (7.89 average) no better, still patience was more in evidence for the rotation, as the two starters stayed 7 and 9 weeks respectively.

A line-up of clones, not clowns

Just as well, then, that the hitters turned in utterly reliable scores week in and week out. With averages between 20 and 24 for five full-time players, and useful efforts from Uribe and LoDuca in the defensive slots, the Wolverines seldom had to worry about slumps or even injuries. Power was reliable without being spectacular – again, the best five hitters in this regard finished within two homeruns of each other. A useful bench, including Corey Patterson and Todd Hollandsworth, left the Wolverines with only Jeff Cirillo as an outright bust, and he cost them just four weeks of production from third base.

The Verdict

Ignoring the postseason, in which the Wolverines were let down by the untimely sidelining of both Matt Morris and A.J. Burnett through injury, Michigan can be justly proud of their accomplishments. Complete dominance of their pennant rivals in the DiMaggio Division, not to mention a perfect record against the strong Ruth Division, the Wolverines were the only team to claim the scalps of every other playoff contender, a distinction that should cheer them even without a championship to celebrate. Of all the impressive teams that contested the 2002 NYYFans League, none could dominate the Wolverines during the regular season.


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