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Jim F.
11-13-00, 09:37 PM
The release of version 2.0 of this forum software is way behind in terms of development. But it is still expected to be released by late-November/early-December. (hopefully :)).

There have been several threads asking questions about it, so I decided to post some of the new features:

Private Messaging
"My vB" User Control Panel
Buddy List
Attachments (upload from your computer; images, etc.)
Order topic lists by thread title, last post time, #replies, #views, thread starter
Optional Spell Checker
Plus some more surprises!

The "user control panel" will basically combine the following features into one place:

Private messaging (send, receive, etc)
Edit Profile/Update Preferences
Buddy List (view, edit, pm, etc)
Ignore list for PM's and Buddy List
Favorite forums
Flagged posts

I could be wrong, but I think I read somewhere that one of the "secret" features would be the ability for you to browse the forums with your web-enabled cell phone.

Stay tuned! This is going to be an offseason of improvement!


11-13-00, 09:42 PM
Sounds great, Jim. The site is terrific just the way it is, but now you've got me looking forward to all the improvements. Thanks for keeping us posted.
:) :) :)

11-13-00, 09:53 PM
Wow!! I am definitely looking forward to it - I hope you're up to the large number of questions I see in your future! ;)

Jim F.
11-13-00, 10:30 PM
Originally posted by Neila1215
now you've got me looking forward to all the improvements.

Hey, it's the offseason. I had to think of something to keep all of you coming back here! ;)

Originally posted by Neila1215
Thanks for keeping us posted.

You're very welcome, but no thanks are necessary. This forum belongs to all of you, so I feel it's my responsibility to keep all of you abreast of what's happening "behind the scenes".

Originally posted by allybear
I hope you're up to the large number of questions I see in your future!

Ha ha! You know me! Half of my 2,000 posts are in this forum, and I love it. ;)

The way I look at it is this: what good is a forum if the users can't use it? That's why I'll always go out of my way to help someone who's having problems with the site.

I actually enjoy it when people ask me questions - it's challenging and stimulating to research something for someone and then have it work for them. On a personal level, it's probably the aspect of this site I enjoy the most. As you can see by this extra lengthy reply...



11-13-00, 10:58 PM
Argggggg come on u you stupid software.

I will pray to the Scooby Gods to make it come faster!

Oh WoW!

11-14-00, 07:34 AM
Yikes, I'm starting to get new software angst already. Puhlease, make it easy to use!

11-15-00, 02:34 PM
Is there a chat room like:

can you make one like that?

I really liked how that was set up!

Also can u make it firewall accessible?

12-01-00, 11:42 PM
Hey Jim! Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier but I've been somewhat MIA recently (damn having a life! ;) ) Anyway, your list of improvements looks good! Keep it up!

B "praising" G :)

12-02-00, 12:28 AM
Humma humma hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Maybe that will make it arrive quicker!

Are there any openings for me an admin assistant Jim.
As of the new year I will have a little bit more time to help out!