View Full Version : St. Louis Rams vs. New York Giants

11-12-00, 09:12 AM
St. Louis Rams @ New York Giants 4:15pm

Who's going to win?

The Giants get the Rams OUTDOORS in the Meadowlands without Warner OR Faulk! Somebody in NY is living right. I'm predicting a good close game and a BIG day for the Giants defense against Trent Green.

Final: Giants 24-Rams 20

11-12-00, 10:29 AM
Giants by at least a touchdown.

Simple - no Marshall Faulk, no Kurt Warner, lousy defense for the Rams.

11-12-00, 10:45 AM
I'm hoping for a HUGE day from Ron Dayne since he's on my fantasy team. The longer the Giants can keep the ball and keep the Rams offense off the field, the better.

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