View Full Version : FYI JIM

11-11-00, 01:24 AM
I guess you missed a couple of my responses - so I wanted to make sure you got this - first of all Dom can say whatever he wants about the "Official" forum - you are the best. The Yankees are the best. And you have us ... the best thing about you - you do your webmaster job - but you TALK to us too!!! You were saying about him and his quote - well I compared it to Cashman saying the Yanks have another championship - while the O's owner can take solace in the fact that his team actually beat us in SEPTEMBER!! What a moron he is !!

Oh and you by the way, aside from family, are the only one on my Christmas list - so...what would you like - besides a WS victory in 2001???!!!

11-11-00, 01:25 AM
it is very late - I meant to say, you are the only one on my XMAS list ... whatever you want - you get!!!