View Full Version : 1 Win in 10 road games=1st Place?

11-10-00, 12:17 AM
Quite a battle their staging over there in the NHL Southeast Division. With a 3-8-4 record and currently ranked 22nd overall, Washington is in first place in this division with 11 points and would automatically qualify for a playoff spot under the current NHL Playoff system! Try selling that to the good folks in Texas where the Dallas Stars are three games over .500, rank 11th overall and are in last place in the Pacific Division. The Stars would be out of the playoff picture all together!
It's about time the NHL revert to the playoff format with the top 16 teams qualifying. The playoffs are not an All-star spectacle. Why is it that every division needs to represented?
Time to smell the coffee big boys. Keep on eye on this one folks. If Dallas, Anaheim, San Jose, Vancouver, Los Angeles or Edmonton finish over .500 and don't make the playoffs but Tampa Bay or Carolina finish 15 game under and do......