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11-09-00, 11:01 AM
Don't know if there's any other boxing fans in here, but I am soooooo psyched about the Lennox Lewis-David Tua fight on Saturday!
I just read that the Lewis camp is complaining about the length of Tua's hair (it sticks like 5 inches straight up off his head) and Tua's trainer insists that it's "naturally that way". (What, is this guy under a TON of stress or constantly recieving electric shocks? Since when does one achieve the PUNK look naturally? And he is definitely a PUNK!)
I just love the dramatics that surround fights, it's so funny!
Lewis commented he didn't care about the guy's hair, because he was going to be knocked out anyway, spiky hair or not.
It's going to be tough match, they're both pretty good, but I think Lewis will take him in four rounds or less.

11-09-00, 11:12 AM
hey Jen, are you new here?

A/S/L :lol:

11-09-00, 11:39 AM
Well, what do you consider new??? Maybe been here a month, just haven't had much to say...why do you ask?

11-09-00, 01:46 PM
He likes ya'.

What's a cool girl like you doin in a place like this?

I refuse to pay for PPV, I'll read about it.
It's a damned shame that you can't see the premier events of a sport without paying fifty bucks per fight.

11-09-00, 01:48 PM
Hey Chris....
SHHHHHHH *in a whisper* I like her please don't tell her :lol:

I just want to get to know ya and stuff. Is there anything wrong with being good friends with a Yankee GirlFan. hehehehe

11-09-00, 01:58 PM
Not a thing, you are, in fact, to be commended for your outstanding taste in womens character

11-09-00, 02:00 PM
is that a good thing or bad thing. :lol:

11-09-00, 02:24 PM
Hey now! Y'all better stop talkin' about me! I'm blushing and I don't like it!!! (And there's enough of my charming personality to go around so no fighting!) :o
PPV totally sucks, but I NEED to watch it! It is extremely pathetic that it costs so much, considering I shelled out the $50 for the Tyson/Golota "fight" last month and that wimpy, sorry excuse for a man Golota just GAVE UP! Whatta rip-off...
Boxing is so poetic, I just can't help myself!
Butnud, ask me what you want, I don't hold back... :D Though Mish might think I'm imposing on her "Queen Forum Flirt Crown"!!! (Sorry, Mish! If it makes you feel better, you're my idol! ;) )