View Full Version : Cowboys!

11-07-00, 03:54 PM
So here we are again.
Anothe rgreat season on its way.

Will we end up in the superbowl just like the Yankees were in the World Series.

11-07-00, 04:52 PM
Are you watching the same boys that I am watching??

11-07-00, 06:01 PM
EAGLES!!! :)

Heh heh...

27 in '01

11-07-00, 07:45 PM
Now the cowboys are my team but i am not in love with them. Jsut to let you Giant and Jets lovers. So don't hurt me when your team does better. :lol:

11-08-00, 03:07 PM
We would not hurt you!!! I like the cowboys - they were the first team I saw on tv - back in the 70's - they played a regular season game against the Steelers - and I was a 'fan' because I liked the boys uniforms - I was not even 7 years old - and I live in NY - so dad told me we had 2 NY teams - and, again, due to uniforms, I became a JETS fan - and still am ...not that the uniforms have anything to do with it anymore ...

11-09-00, 11:14 AM
ahh kewl,
I am not really a football lover but i can watch it and root for the cowboys! But it isn't the same without Baseball!