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11-05-00, 12:00 PM
It amazes me how my school can be ahead by 15 points, i take a phone call, and we're down by three. What happened when i left? They are going to fire the coach, and out QB cannot function under pressure. Arg! Yet, i am still a fan and always will be. Anyone else's season going down the drains? i'll have to see how our kick ass basketball team does.... we're ranked high--- i know we're good-- i hope we prove it!

11-06-00, 07:49 AM

11-06-00, 11:05 AM
Syracuse's football season was pretty much over before it started this year. :( Oh well, there's always basketball.

11-06-00, 11:16 AM
Well, it doesn't get much worse than my Nittany Lions. I mean, losing to Iowa at home? Iowa? IOWA?!?!

27 in '01

11-06-00, 11:51 AM
Arizona State just gave away its second consecutive game in double overtime. Fumbles have cost ASU four games this year (currently 5-4) and the Rose Bowl. Maybe we can meet Penn State in the Toilet Bowl this year.

11-06-00, 03:33 PM
fresno bob--

ha! At the rate my school ( u. of arizona) is going...
we won't even make it to the Toilet Bowl! we lost a bad game on Saturday...arg!

11-06-00, 06:37 PM

At least you have us (ASU) at home on November 24. That's one in your win column. Then you can play Michigan in the "What the Hell Happened to Our Season?" Bowl.