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Yankee Fan Sedere in equo
11-03-00, 04:27 PM
Just a general post, before most of the in depth talk begins: What are your favorite other teams from different sports, or if it is an individual sport (like golf) who is your favorite performer?


Basketball: The Sacramento Kings
Football: Bills/Eagles (I'm not a huge football fan, but I will watch if boredom sets in)
Hockey: Detroit Red Wings
Golf: Tiger Woods (I like dominance by a professional athlete in their sport, sue me)

You can use other sports. I just put down the ones I watch.

Jim F.
11-03-00, 04:30 PM
Originally posted by Yankee Fan Sedere in equo
I like dominance, sue me

I'm keeping my mouth shut on that one... ;)


11-03-00, 04:57 PM
Basketball: New York Knickerbockers
Football: New York Giants
Hockey: New York Rangers (are we noticing a trend here?)
Soccer: Arsenal or Glasgow Rangers
Golf: I prefer thunderstorms, earthquakes, or blizzards to watching or playing this incredibly boring pastime.
Track: Michael Johnson
Auto Racing: Any pileup with at least 8 cars

And like Jim, I won't discuss the activity involving "dominance."

Yankee Fan Sedere in equo
11-03-00, 05:02 PM
Oops, wouldn't want to let any cats out of the bag unintentionally there. Hope that's better now

11-03-00, 05:38 PM
there is no other sport beside baseball.
maybe the University of Oregon ducks football..
hey, we're number #8 in the AP Poll goddammit!
watch out for us in the Rose Bowl baby!
Speaking of Ducks, we have a guy on the team named 'Mallard'. Seriously.
Not joking.

11-03-00, 05:48 PM
WindRaven the Tenth:

Congratulations on the OU win last weekend. I went to ASU, and it was somewhat painful to watch the Sun Devils hand the game to the Ducks, but I guess Bruce Snyder doesn't like Pasadena in January. I want to see the network reaction to OU against Northwestern in the Rose Bowl.

Jim F.
11-03-00, 05:53 PM
Originally posted by FresnoBob
Auto Racing: Any pileup with at least 8 cars

LMAO!! :):)

I don't follow many sports besides baseball, but here goes:

Football: Jets
Hockey: Devils
Basketball: Knicks

And that's really about it. The only one of the above I go out of my way to watch or keep up on is the Jets.

I like college hoops, though I don't follow a specific team. I just like the game, it's more "real" than the NBA. Same goes for college football, I guess.

From November until March I typically hybernate. March comes Spring Training games on TV, and "The Road To The Final Four". It doesn't get better than that!



11-03-00, 06:18 PM
Baseball is far and away the supreme sport, but I do like some others:

Basketball: Knicks, but Jason Kidd is my favorite player, so I kind of like the Suns too, but the Knicks are my fav. team

College b-ball: Duke! I am a huge Blue Devil fan(men). For women I like my home-state University of Vermont (UVM). Nobody outside of VT has probably ever heard of them, put I played varsity high school ball w/ a girl who's on their team now, so I cheer for them.

Football: I don't follow it to much, but I like the Giants, and the Jets a little

Golf: This is not a sport, and I would prefer to watch paint dry, or the grass grow

NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Hockey: Canadiens are my favorite team, and I also like a lot of the Colorado players, and the team.

That's about all. Of corse the best off-season sport is counting down the days until spring training begins. :)


11-03-00, 06:32 PM
Hockey: Canadiens
Football: Giants
College hoops: UConn
NBA: Knicks
And you can sue me, too :bad:

11-03-00, 07:15 PM
Football: Green Bay Packers (Hell, I'm an owner)
Fantasy Football: Cunning Linguists (I'm not only the owner, but also the Head Coach, heh heh)
Golf: Not a sport.
NBA: Not really a league, but if forced, the Sixers.

27 in '01

11-03-00, 11:14 PM
that was some game, huh?
I nearly had a mfing heart attack after that last fumble-and we shouldn't have won. our defense was god-aweful. So terible,in fact, I coulda beat em!

11-04-00, 01:16 AM
Tennis: Lindsay Davenport and Andre Agassi
Basketball: Knicks or Nets
College Basketball: University of Arizona, my dad's alma mater-- I should root for my school's team, but they're lousy.
Football: Indianapolis Colts, for my dad's sake because I don't care about football
College Football: I'm all about the Northwestern Wildcats... any guesses why? ;)

11-04-00, 02:23 PM
Basketball: University of Arizona Wildcats/ NY Knicks
Football: Giants and any team not the Cowboys.
swimming: Gary Hall Jr.
Tennis: Pete Sampras
hockey: rangers and Coyotes
Little League: The braves (my nephews team)
unadulterated fighting: Tyler Durden

11-04-00, 04:54 PM
the only other sport i give a damn about is basketball--go knicks! i live near ucla so i'll watch a game now and then, but i don't really care. and the lakers, well, they just better watch out for the knicks this coming year!

george, lmao regarding your fantasy team!;)


11-04-00, 06:45 PM
I'm a big horse racing fan. I like to make the occasional bet. ;)

Speaking of bets, today was the Breeder's Cup, a card of 8 championship races, featuring the best horses from all over the world. It's a huge wagering event.

So how did I do? Well, let me put it this way: I would have gotten the exact same result if I had stacked up my money in a nice little pile and set fire to it. It wasn't pretty.

11-04-00, 10:41 PM
I like individual sports:

skiing - man against the mountain and elements
ice skating
roller blading

Something where I can get my heart pumping and get into a rhythm where I become one with nature. Haha. I've never really had time to get into organized team sports. Used to play a lot of golf and tennis. I admire Pete Sampras and Tiger of course.

11-04-00, 11:24 PM
Football: Jets
Hockey: Rangers
Basketball: Knicks
Obscure Sports I follow: Adventure Racing and Mountain Climbing


11-05-00, 06:16 AM
I'm a sports freak. Totally out of control.

Football-Giants, Giants, Giants, Giants, Giants
Hockey-Rangers and Mohawk Valley Prowlers (proud season ticket holder, even though they're playing God awful hockey right now, and couldn't even win for me after I got bashed in the side of the head by a puck that flew off the ice)
NCAA-pretty much any sport Syracuse University plays
NASCAR-Dale Earnhardt
NBA-probably the only professional sport I don't watch

11-05-00, 10:40 AM
Wow...there are other sports besides baseball?!?!?!?!

Seriously, no other sport comes close to baseball; however:

NBA--Knicks all the way (helps me get through Yankees off-season)

Football--mostly just interested in the office pool! haha
I like both the Jets and Giants, but predominantly the Jets

11-07-00, 12:49 PM
OK, here goes:

Football - J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS! If they could ever lead a game in the first half, my life would be happier!
Basketball - NY Knicks/St. John's college hoops
Hockey - NY Rangers/Pittsburgh Penguins (I like penguins, sue me!)
Auto Racing - Terry Labonte (I'm rooting for his little bro to win the championship this year)
Ice Skating - Phillippe Candeloro (I know I spelled at least one of his names wrong if not both!), and my all time favorites are Torvill & Dean

With all that, I still am missing the Yanks!

11-07-00, 01:19 PM
Football - New York Giants
Basketball - New York Knicks
Hockey - "Let's Go" Rangers

I like college hoops at tourney time but find it too voluminous to follow during the season, except for Boston College - my favorite team for college football/basketball.

Golf - I love Tiger!! Didn't really get into golf until he rolled around.
Tennis - LOVE Monica Seles and can't stand Pete Sampras
NASCAR - Jeff Gordon (and I agree about the pileups)
And I like to watch cheerleading on ESPN - brings me back to my glory days of high school/college...

11-07-00, 01:20 PM
Outside of Baseball, my favorite sport is Women's beach volleyball as player on Huntington, Redondo, or Malibou Beaches. My only peave with it is the skimpy bikini's the girls wear. Also I hate it when they get sweaty and fall in the sand and are covered with the grit. Kinda spoils the game.


It almost feels like spring already

11-14-00, 08:37 PM
Baseball is of course my favorite!!! Other than the Yankees I like the Royals and the Cubbies!!! :)

I'm extremely ANTI-BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!! I pretty much hate anything to do with basketball. Excpet I can stand a little University of Missouri b-ball.

I like football. I am pretty much a Chiefs fan. There is nothing like a Chiefs-Raiders game at Arrowhead Stadium!!

Ohhhhhh yes, I LOVE the Olympics too. :)

11-14-00, 08:55 PM
Hockey: Flyers (and not the Penguins...I think I made that clear a few months ago)

B-Ball: Bulls (but I also have to root for the Sixers now that they traded Kukoc, my favorite player)

Football: The DEVIL!!! Don't usually watch anything but the superbowl, but if I had to root for a team I'd choose the Redskins, because they were in the first superbowl I ever watched and I've always had a softspot for them for that reason. I also have an obligation to root for our very own Columbia Lions, hahaha...

I also love the Olympics, particularly gymnastics and skating. Don't have a particular favorite gymnast (though I've always liked Shannon Miller). Tara Lipinski used to be my favorite figure skater before she got really big -- probably because we have the same first name and are the same age...then she won the Gold and people in school started calling me "Tara Lipinski", and it really turned me off... Scott Hamilton is always fun to watch.

11-14-00, 09:17 PM
Don't worry, I'm not going to start that Penguins discussion again, ha ha!!! Liking penguins the bird is good enough! ;)

Although now that Kukoc is on the Sixers, it makes a nice little Philly thing with your Flyers. The Sixers are going to have an exciting team this year too - should be fun to watch!