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Stick Michael
08-30-02, 12:53 PM
Has anyone ever gone into a 'posting slump' where they go through a prolonged case of writer's block and/or lack the motivation to write a thought requires more than two or three sentences to express? Since I care more about the quality of my posts than the quantity this is bothering the hell outta me. Every time I participate in a 'Survivor' thread I feel like Raul Mondesi - constantly trying pull that outside pitch only to ground into double plays. Worse yet, my recent case of writer's block has forced me to sink to new levels in 'Team Bitch' threads - making up outrageous quotes, falsifying pictures to make it appear that Team Bitch finally has corpotate sponsorship...nothing's below me! I've hit rock bottom and need to check myself into b-b rehab.

Any other suggestions?


08-30-02, 01:52 PM
well, you did write a fairly lengthy post starting this thread. Doesn't seem like you have writers block to me. :lol:

maybe you should stay away from the site for a few days so you can gather your thoughts. When you come back you probably will have so much crap to spew out, you'll wind up typing until the wee hours of the night. :D