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08-04-02, 07:21 PM
By far the highest-scoring week this time, with an average of around 313 points per team. Another note is that every one of the teams on a bye week totaled under 250 points, a coincidence that we’ll be happy to accept.


YankeesRule2002 lost to Lords of Flatbush by 268 – 323 points
YRMbombers2002 lost to Cunning Linguists by 222 – 369 points
Italian Ice lost to Junior’s Bashers by 266 – 422 points
Buckeye Bombers lost to Michigan Wolverines by 333 – 354 points
Babe’s Piano Playaz lost to FP Balloon Knots by 262 – 294 points
Bad News Bears lost to Bambino’s Ghost by 318 – 331 points

Team of the Week: Junior’s Bashers (422 points)
Luckiest team of the week: FP Balloon Knots (won with 294 points)
Unluckiest team of the week: Buckeye Bombers (lost with 333 points)
Match-up of the week: Bad News Bears vs. Bambino’s Ghost (13 points of difference in the result)


Ruth Division

Lords of Flatbush (14-2; 311.2 point average)
Cunning Linguists (13-3; 279.6)
West Haven Yankees (9-6; 287)
YankeesRule2002 (7-9; 261.7)
YRMbombers2002 (4-11; 242.5)

DiMaggio Division

Michigan Wolverines (13-3; 308.2 point average)
Junior’s Bashers (10-6; 306.4)
German Gold Gloves (6-9; 279.9)
Buckeye Bombers (5-10; 254.9)
Italian Ice (2-14; 231.6)

Mantle Division

Bad News Bears (8-7; 271.8 point average)
Bambino’s Ghost (8-8; 269.4)
Saxmania’s Swingers (6-9; 264.5)
FP Balloon Knots (6-10; 272.4)
Babe’s Piano Playaz (6-10; 269.4)

Match Reports

Big Unit and Burnett overcome Buckeyes; Michigan claim their crown

The first confirmed winner of a division this year is in the DiMaggio race, where the Michigan Wolverines this week kept three games ahead of their nearest rival with two games to play. The Wolverines owe Randy Johnson and A.J. Burnett each a vote of thanks, after both starters completed their games with a win. Their combined stats of 18 IP, 1 ER, and 22Ks made for a profitable partnership, and were backed up by Jeff Kent’s four home runs. Two wins for Johan Santana, with 16 strikeouts in 9.1 IP and no earned runs, were also welcome additions, as the Buckeyes ran the Wolverines close. But now Michigan can suit back and enjoy their upcoming bye week.

No such peace of mind for the Buckeye Bombers, who, despite a spirited swipe at the Wolverines, remain locked in a battle with the Gold Gloves for third place. Miguel Tejada, Jim Thome, and Ivan Rodriguez were all locked in for the Bombers, totalling 23 RBIs between them with six long balls, and Jason Schmidt left with victories in both his starts. But sloppy outings for Tim Hudson and Danny Baez held the Buckeyes back, and allowed the Wolverines to pull away with the win. Junior’s Bashers are the next arrivals at the Bombers’ base.

Linguists unstoppable, starters ensure postseason overtime in their futures

A rotation filled with dominating pitching performances lifted the Cunning Linguists to the 12-3 mark and guaranteed September baseball – whether through the Wild Card or the Ruth Division pennant. Every starter won at least once, with Andy Pettite triumphant twice, and Mark Mulder and Kirk Saarloos were the only ones to allow more than one run. Four saves from the pen meant that run support was hardly needed – Bernie Williams and Rafael Palmeiro went yard for nothing. But at least they get next week off to recuperate.

The YRMbombers are still outside runners for the fourth spot in the division, but will have been disappointed not to have sent a more forceful message to the other Ruth Division teams. Problem performances from Antonio Alfonseca and Joe Randa head the bill of complaints, while Odalis Perez tossed seven scoreless innings but was cheated of a win. A lack of power from Roberto Alomar and Carlos Delgado will also have disappointed for the Bombers. Next week gives them a shot at a serious upset, as the Lords of Flatbush open their doors.

Junior’s Bashing can’t take them to September; take it out on Ice

A frustrating end to the Bashers’ campaign for the championship, with a huge weekly score annihilating the Italian Ice, but the Linguists’ and Wolverines’ wins taking them too far ahead to be caught in time. The Bashers managed no less than three complete game wins from the rotation (Colon, Byrd, and Kennedy), while Garcia and Nomo also picked up victories. Three homers apiece from Luis Gonzalez and Melvin Mora, with helping hands from Sammy Sosa and Craig Biggio, put the result in no doubt. Another chance to take out the Bashers’ frustration arrives again next week, as the Buckeyes come visiting.

Another competent display from the Ice, who might have picked up a few more wins with this kind of consistency earlier in the year. Jeff D’Amico’s win was a tidy one, while the bullpen continues to prove itself arguably the best relief corps in the game – Smoltz and Hoffman each bagged a brace of saves, while neither allowed even a baserunner. But four home runs was insufficient from the hitters, and three went without extra-base hits of any kind all week – stand up Moises Alou, Javy Lopez, and . . . Derek Jeter? A change to make amends next week against the German Gold Gloves.

Bears beginning to look shaky, Bambino’s Ghost looks to Beantown

Perhaps the two last teams in direct competition for the fourth postseason place, the Bears were kept within touching distance by the Ghosts this week. Derek Lowe was the toast of the Bambino’s shade this time, with two wins and no runs allowed during his pair of starts, while Shea Hillenbrand scored ten times and totalled thirteen hits, including six that got him to second or beyond. Three homers for Johnny Damon rounded off a pleasing return from Boston for the Babe. A week off is their next assignment, as the Ghost takes time to plan his final assault.

The perch of the Bad News Bears atop the Mantle Division looks increasingly insecure, with their lead shrinking to a mere half-game after this defeat. The performance was not shameful – three big flies from Edgar Renteria, plus five doubles and 9 RBI from Brian Giles, meant their hitting was impressive, while Damian Moss and Roy Halladay were both in control of their wins. However, had more of the infield followed Renteria’s example, the Bears might have a more comfortable cushion, as no other infielder got more than one extra-base hit all week. Next week, the Bears cannot afford to lose to the FP Balloon Knots.

No other match reports this week, I’m afraid, as I just don’t have the time. Provided upon request in the next few days.

[b] Fixtures - Week 19 Aug. 4th:

West Haven Yankees v YankeesRule2002
Lords of Flatbush v YRMbombers2002
German Gold Gloves v Italian Ice
Junior’s Bashers v Buckeye Bombers
Saxmania’s Swingers v Babe’s Piano Playaz
FP Balloon Knots v Bad News Bears


Sorry about the missing reports, but I’m really busy right now – holding down the fort myself while the family’s on holiday. Toodles.

Be seeing you,


08-04-02, 08:25 PM
Congratulations Wolverines! Here's to ya: :gulp:

08-04-02, 09:42 PM
Thanks Commish, even tho my lousy team didn't play this wee(a)k. Yummy, some ice cream again this week :) http://users.skynet.be/gedi/emoticons4u/drink/trink28.gif

08-05-02, 11:09 AM
Thanks sax :)

sorted by points against
Team Name PF PA Diff.
Italian Ice 3705 4709 -1004
Saxmania's Swingers 3967 4549 -582
Babe's Piano Playaz 4310 4530 -220
FP Balloon Knots 4358 4513 -155
Junior's Bashers 4902 4409 493
YankeesRule2002 4187 4316 -129
Bambino's Ghost 4311 4268 43
German Gold Gloves 4185 4261 -76
Cunning Linguists 4474 4221 253
Lords of Flatbush 4979 4209 770
YRMbombers2002 3638 4176 -538
Michigan Wolverines 4931 4123 808
West Haven Yankees 4305 4003 302
Buckeye Bombers 3823 3940 -117
Bad News Bears 4077 3925 152
I guess this just tells me how i got the ................ end of the stick :) Thus is baseball.. and fantasy baseball :D

08-05-02, 12:12 PM
damn...i really suck! :lol:

oh well...im not going to the playoffs, so now all im tryin to do is to take over 4th place in the ruth division..

oh yea sax, since the ruth division was the best league, what special thing are ya goin to give us?;)


08-05-02, 12:16 PM
Originally posted by YanksRockMan
oh well...im not going to the playoffs, so now all im tryin to do is to take over 4th place in the ruth division..Uhm.. no :)

08-05-02, 01:28 PM
Bambino's Ghost will be relaxing on the beach this week.

Go FP Balloons. Beat the Bears!!

08-05-02, 02:12 PM
Originally posted by Saxmania
No other match reports this week, I’m afraid, as I just don’t have the time. Provided upon request in the next few days.
Thanks Sax. I request that you continue taking care of other business and NOT post a report on my pathetic team. :O

08-05-02, 03:18 PM
Correct me if i'm wrong.. But are the Bashers the only ones thusfar undefeated in their own division?

Another meaningless achievment, by the bashers :(

08-05-02, 03:20 PM
btw.. i've put all the results so far into a database.. if you're interested in any of the quirky stuff (like, hey boz, how'd you do against division 1? Oh, you only won one game? That's pathetic!), then ask, and i'll try to drag it out for ya.

08-05-02, 05:14 PM
Originally posted by YanksRockMan

oh yea sax, since the ruth division was the best league, what special thing are ya goin to give us?;)

A Bronx cheer, my friend.

Good one, Boz. I have an Excel sheet stacked up with weird and wonderful stats, but I haven't been keeping a decent wins database going.

Be seeing you,


08-05-02, 10:49 PM
Originally posted by #1PaFan
Congratulations Wolverines! Here's to ya: :gulp:

Thank you very much! Couldn't have done it w/o the Big Unit. :D Now off to take a week long nap...

Thank you Sax as always...:)

08-06-02, 08:51 AM
Congrats coney :) you had a great season, and ya beat me out :)

Now kick their asses in the playoffs!

08-06-02, 09:39 AM
Originally posted by Bozidar
Congrats coney :) you had a great season, and ya beat me out :)

Now kick their asses in the playoffs!

ya know what boz.... http://imbiss-coding.de/smiliez.de/smz/crz/crz_25.gif burp! 'scuse me... even after a few brews you still make a ugly cheerleader...http://imbiss-coding.de/smiliez.de/smz/crz/crz_94.gif

go lords... http://imbiss-coding.de/smiliez.de/smz/gwlt/gwlt_81.gif

08-06-02, 09:51 AM

MICH. WOLVES --> http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/aktion/aktion073.gif <-- Lords, & Linguists

MICH. WOLVES --> http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/sport/sport010.gif <-- Lords et al.

And see?? They LIKE IT!!


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Dance on their heads, wt!!

then EAT their heads!!

08-06-02, 10:07 AM
uhh sax, i think mr bozidar should be suspended from there league...


better yet, i'll take care of mr my teams sucks so i'm gonna root for the comp... http://imbiss-coding.de/smiliez.de/smz/gwlt/gwlt_40.gif

08-06-02, 10:16 AM
ahh.. the compitition is over :) So i'm just rooting for the best team, with the most class ;) :D

08-06-02, 10:28 PM
Sir Boz, thanks for the congrats and vote of confidence, but I think you're overdoing the cheerleading...:eek: :lol:

Now let's just hope I don't flop as bad as our football team did to Tennessee in the Citrus Bowl...:uhh: