View Full Version : A Really Stupid Question.....

10-16-00, 09:17 PM
Jim, or Anyone with any info...

I hate to even ask this, but...don't yell at me...

Does anyone happen to know what's wrong with that "other" forum? Not that I care, of course, :confused: :confused:
but I was just wondering. I haven't been able to get on there for days. It says "sorry, no such address" Isn't that strange? Does anyone care? :uhh:

Thanks for listening...:NY: :NY:

Jim F.
10-16-00, 09:44 PM
Sorry I can't help you.

I'm also going to close this thread because this forum isn't tech support to make up for the shortcomings of "that" site. Perhaps someone could email you the answer if they have it.