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06-26-02, 05:58 PM
The complete team details for the franchises in the Ruth Division are now available to any interested managers. Please PM me with a valid e-mail address (and your team name!) if you'd like the file - it's an Excel file. The DiMaggio and Mantle Division teams should be up by the weekend.

Here's how it works - I've created a template that calculates points generated according to the stats Yahoo posts each week. You copy and paste in the stats from the site on a Sunday, and the spreadsheet tots up the various averages and totals. You have to do some fancy footwork when there are roster changes made, and there are a few complications, but on the whole it works well. Value for money, or what? I would post a sample, but it's not really fair to whichever owner has his team exposed. I'll post mine when it's done. Mr. Selig, are you watching?

NOTE: This is not meant to be completely accurate. Do not use this to double-check weekly team scores or the records of real-life players. Rather, it's meant to provide a generally-accurate way of checking the relative performances of your signings. (For example, I didn't know that Tom Glavine has generated more points per game than Roger Clemens so far this year. Worth knowing during trade negotiations.) There are also gaps, where player stats weren't available (again, generally after roster moves). Sorry.

If no-one's interested, it doesn't really matter - I'll still keep the files for end-of-year reviews and that kind of thing. Just thought you guys might like a look in.

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