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03-01-02, 05:59 PM
I am running a new Fantasy Baseball Keeper league. I have never done this before and would like some guidance as to rules and limitations on offseason acquisitions, next season's draft, etc.

Can anyone direct me to a Baseball KL webpage or perhaps send me the rules from any leagues in which you have participated?

Thanks in advance.

03-01-02, 08:47 PM
Phil, I've never played in a keeper league, but from what I know there is usually a set number of guys you can keep, and whatever round you drafted them in, you forfeit a pick in that round of "this years" draft.

03-02-02, 05:42 AM
Up to now I only played HeadToHead, Rotisserie and SalaryCap Fantasy Baseball during the last seasons... and I don't even know, what a "keeper league" is... could you explain it to me ? :)


03-02-02, 01:25 PM
A keeper league allows each team in a league to hold onto a number of players for next season. The number of players can vary, but let's take for example 4 players per team for 2002.

Each team can hold onto it's "fantasy studs" in the offseason and dump the rest back into the free agent pool for the draft in 2003. This enables an owner to build a new team around a core of players, much like it is done in the real MLB.

Alternatively a commissioner can set a rule that each player kept in 2003 forfeits a draft pick for that player's team, or set up an auction system for the remaining free agents.

Here's a good article on keeper leagues. (http://fantasy.sportingnews.com/voices/brendan_roberts/20020116.html)

03-04-02, 10:24 AM
hey SanFran, count me in, if you still have room...

03-12-02, 08:31 PM
I have never done a keeper league and would love to try it with you if you have room.