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07-29-00, 04:00 PM
Hi fellow Yankees. I am a Yankee fan from San Jose, Costa Rica.

The other day I had a chat with a good friend of mine who is a red sox fan (poor guy) and he insisted Ted Williams was the best because he was a complete player.

I do agree Ted Williams was one of the greatest, but I do not agree he was the best ever. As a matter of fact I do not think there has ever been a ball player who we can say he was the greatest of all. You see, I think is a matter of opinions, but to me only Yankee players (DiMaggio, Mantle, Ruth, Berra, Ford, Jeter, Williams, etc.) are the best ever. All of these great players had something in common: They all hv various world series championships rings and moreover, they all played and play for a wining team!!!! The Great Yankee Team! The Team of the Milenium! The Team of the Century!

Could Ted Williams show something like that? I doubt it.

What you guys think? I'll be glad to read yr opinions.


07-29-00, 04:37 PM
Welcome to the board mariof.
I think trying to say which player was the greatest ever is a lot like splitting hairs. Williams is definately one of the greatest ever, especially when you consider that he lost six years while serving in two different wars!
My vote goes to Ruth, though. He pitched 29 consecutive scoreless innings in the World Series before he even wore the pinstipes. Everything he did in baseball was amazing.

07-29-00, 04:51 PM
Btw mario, The Suggestion Box is the wrong forum! My money says the next time I come here, this will be in The People's Game forum. But I'm sure Jim will explain that soon!

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