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07-29-00, 05:50 AM
Hey, Jim... is it possible to access the "gameday" pages from the day before or earlier? If there is a link, I don't see it...


p.s. I love the new integration of the main page frame with the rest of the site, but I'm just curious... whatever happened to the Yankee Stadium facade motif at the top of the frame? I thought that gave the site a lot of pizazz... the frame now, while clean-looking, is a bit dull. Just a thought... (I sure hope there wasn't a legal reason you had to get rid of it...)

07-29-00, 06:19 AM
Hi Catherine-

You can access all the old Gameday recaps through the schedule link. The links to the recaps are all there next their respective games. But it only goes back to about the beginning of July - because I used to just edit the same one page every day. It wasn't until the end of June that I actually created a system to archive everything. One of the things on my to-do list is to go back to the beginning of the season and re-create all the old ones for archiving purposes. But I doubt you'll be going back that far.

I never had the facade in the top frame - you are probably thinking of one of the old logos I used to use for the forums. In that case, I ditched it when I got some talent (in other words, PhotoShop) :). But wait, you're the Graphic Designer, you should be making my facades! :)

But lemme see if I still have it...

...ahh, I believe this is the one you mean:


or maybe it was:


That's the only thing I ever had on the site that had the facade on it, except for the old graphical scoreboard I used to use:


But I will certainly look into putting a facade-ish type of thing in the top frame. One of my goals from the design aspect is to keep it as simple, and less cluttered as possible - so it will be a challenge to liven it up while not making it too cluttered. If you have some spare time and feel like putting your Mac to good use, feel free to come up with something. It would probably be best to integrate it into the background of the page, and not as a standalone image, because of varying screen sizes/resolutions. Hrmm, dammit Catherine! I was just about to go to bed, but now you got me all excited about this! :)


*off to see the wizard...*

PS: I hope I answered your questions somewhere in that novel! :)

07-29-00, 07:37 AM
LOL... glad to make your life more complicated, Jimbo.

Here's my $.02: I like the old font for the site logo, as well as the facade motif. I hear you about avoiding clutter, but I think the design on that image is clean enough so that it won't be a problem.

I wish my web design skills were as proficient as you seem to think they are... :sigh: :( Maybe I can start with something little, like a "reply" button and work from there... Unfortunately, my version of Photoshop is hecka-old and not very web friendly. It took me about a millenium to figure out how to create GIFs with transparencies... :P But I think my brother has a newer version... maybe I will try and gaffle it from him tomorrow.

And yes, you answered all my questions... :) all I wanted was to find out exactly how long the pitcher went during the game night b4 last... I like to keep a little record of it on my calendar (that free one we got at that Tampa Bay game back in May...)


07-29-00, 07:41 AM
P.S. I also prefer the shade of blue in the old "facade" motif over the shade of blue that's on the frame now. More Yankee-like... :NY:

07-29-00, 08:10 AM
Yeah, that shade of blue was bugging me too, but for different reasons. It wasn't very "web-safe" as they say. There are certain colors that are more universal, that are better used on the web. In web design speak, perfect red is "FF0000", a nice blue would be "000099" each letter and/or number represents a different combination of hues, saturation, eventually making up the color wheel. The typical "web-safe" colors are pretty straight forward, like "000066", "00ff00", etc. The color that I used on the frame border was something like "0549AE". So basically it didn't look that good - it didn't jump off the page like a normal site would. Sorry, I guess I'm just in a talkin' mood this morning... :p

I don't know about the old font face; it wasn't very versatile. It was good for banners and logos, but nothing else, really. If you look at the main page, the header images for each of the sections shares the same font as the current logo - as well as "The Team Report" logo. It works all around much better IMO. But I am NOT a graphics designer, that has always been my weakpoint. I would welcome any ideas that you have - like this thread ;).

The site is still a massive work in progress, so if you have any thoughts, let me know!

The only bad thing about this darker frame border is that now I'm gonna have to change all the buttons :(. That's not gonna be fun. But that was on my to-do list anyway. They are actually pretty ugly, now that I look at them.

Cool, I like this. Brainstorming, collaboration, improvement, this almost has the making of a *real* website ;).


07-29-00, 12:11 PM
I do remember a bit about color codes back from when I was still maintaining my Grace Slick website... for instance, I used to know what the codes were for black and for white, but it all escapes me now... :uhh:

I hear you about the versatility of the font, and it is nice to have consistency, but maybe give it a try so that only the logo uses that font. As long as all the colors match throughout, having a different font on the buttons and such shouldn't be too much of an issue. Out of curiosity, what's the name of that font? (the one with the facade logo) One thing I do have is a huge library of fonts... I might have the same or something similar.