View Full Version : Hey! Is this the same forum???

07-26-00, 10:59 PM
Wow, this was a total shock--- haven't been on the forum in 2 days and I come back and all the colors are reversed! If I didn't know better I'd think I was in a different forum. It's cool, though-- just have 2 (minor) complaints.

1) When you click the "view new posts since your last visit", all the topics in the search result come up in white, and with this new light gray background, it's incredibly hard to read.

2) I have the link to the forum in my favorite places, and it just takes me right there, but now I get the options for your main page on the side... not such a major problem or anything (considering it's probably just a "ploy" to get more people to see the main page -- which I DO look at), it's just a pain to have to scroll down messages a little more than usual.

Oh, BTW, I love those new smileys!!!

07-27-00, 01:48 AM