View Full Version : '78 Playoff game vs. Red Sox on ESPN classic TONIGHT 11/26

11-26-01, 07:50 PM
Tonight, starting in like 15 minutes ESPN Classic will be airing the famous '78 Bucky Dent game vs. the Red Sox at 9pm! :D :D :NY: :NY:

11-26-01, 08:04 PM
Thanks DJ. Found a blank tape and cought it just in time!:p

11-26-01, 09:01 PM
You see Gene Monahan ccome out when Bucky fouled one off his foot?
He's an institution! :lol:

11-26-01, 09:21 PM
It was awesome hearing Bill White say "Deep to left"..............and then hearing silence as Yaz goes down into a crouch.

11-27-01, 07:57 AM
If anyone taped it, I'd love to borrow it. I don't get ESPN Classic where I live.

11-27-01, 08:03 AM
Or as Zimmer refers to him... Bucky F**kn Dent !!! :lol:

Bucky will be appearing this Sunday at the Ukrainian Cultural Center
135 Davidson Ave. Somerset, New Jersey from 1-3pm. Also appearing will be:

Don Larsen
Tommy Henrich
Bullet Bob Turley
Enos Slaughter

And others...


11-27-01, 09:05 PM
Oh I'm sooo upset now-----Why didn't you tell me last night!----I'm not home & I can't tape it!!!-----I realllly wanted to see that---in fact on Projo.com----your turn----all the Sox fans are inquiring why us Yankee fans have been so quiet and they haven't heard a peep out of us---Why I guess I'll just have to ask them if they happened to catch ESPN tonight!----And they keep saying wouldn't that be funny if we got Alomar AND Giambi!----that that would be because of our payroll and how unfair---blah-blah-blah.---I did mention we have no reason to be quiet---especially with Nomo and Giambi!

11-28-01, 11:27 PM
can anyone make an mpeg or avi video clip of that bucky dent homerun and post it on the web somewhere?? Please......
I keep missing that game! Someone here said they taped it.
Do you have a capture card on your PC so you can convert the analog video to digital? That would be awesome!!!!


www.kazaa.com has tons of great sports movie clips, as well as mp3 songs and full-length movies.