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07-13-00, 05:01 PM
Hello Everyone-

I have updated the forum software to a newer version. This should fix some of the thread deletion problems we were having, as well as adding some other things. Some of the new features are:

All E-Mail addresses are hidden, and a form is used if you choose to enable your email address in your profile.

You can now disable the email form (similar to hiding your email address) but remain listed as an active user and vice-versa.

Page number grouping for long posts and forums

And Printer-Friendly threads are coming (as soon as I update the templates).

There were also some major improvements added to the backend which should make the forums a little faster for everyone.

Re-Implementation of the Private Messaging is on my To-Do List; should be up and running by the end of next week.

Any questions or problems, please let me know ASAP.

Thanks :)


07-13-00, 05:23 PM
The Email Form and the Hiding Of Email Addresses function is not yet available, I have to change some templates to get them working as well. Sorry for the confusion.

07-13-00, 05:56 PM
hey Jim,
please keep up the great work. You are too kewl for us but we all love ya for the work you put forth for us. Again thank you so much Jimbo.

07-13-00, 06:16 PM
Again Butnud is right!! Jim, your the best!! Your da bomb!!
I am a writter, and well I have a newsletter and a Yahoo! Club and the site of the month is....... http://www.bronx-bombers.com !!! Hats off to Jim!!! :D
Keep up the great job!!! We couldn't do it without you Jimmy!

07-13-00, 06:33 PM
Jim, you rock baby!!!!

Always improving this forum! Watching my back from some psycho chick..I am impressed. Is there anything you CAN'T do? ;)
I liked the Private message thing! Glad it will be back soon. I got some VERY interesting private messages! :goody:

07-13-00, 06:38 PM
Thanks :)

Here are some new features as well:

The "Edited By -----" message will not appear for two minutes after you edit your post. This will enable people to edit typos without having that annoying message show up.

Okay, I guess there was only one for now, but there are more on the way.



07-13-00, 07:07 PM
OOOh thank you thank you thank you!!! I hate that edit thing. Makes me look like an idiot! I wish it didn't have to show up at all.. I mean, whats the purpose? So everyone knows you can't spell for s***? :o

07-13-00, 08:05 PM
Man, thanks for adding the printable version option! There are many times I like to print out what I deem a keeper. This will save me quite a bit of paper!
For example, I printed out Catherine's CLASSIC line by line exposure of the Dork on the other site. Her post was FOURTEEN pages long! (But WELL worth it--Thanks Eleven :)

Just when I think this site can't get any better, it DOES!
Good job, Jim

26 in '00

07-14-00, 04:59 PM
Yeah, the printable page feature is neat :).

The other things are very minor - such as you are now taken back to your post after you edit it, and Netscape users will now have a properly functioning "Forum Jump" menu at the bottom of all the pages.

There were also some improvements made to the IP Logging system, so now if I want to ban an IP I can check to make sure if it interferes with other users or not. I've gotten many emails in the past from people saying "WTF? Why did you ban me?". :)

And then there were just some minor navigational and layout changes. Nothing much, just a few enhancements.

I'm a still a version behind the current release version because I want to avoid major bugs. So there is definitly more on the way!