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11-09-01, 11:09 AM
Joel Skinner caught for us from 86-88,he is now an Indians Coach.
This is from 1987 when the Yanks were playing in Detroit:

Several Yankees attended the Blues-Red WIngs game Sunday night,
including catcher Joel Skinner, who visited the concession stand
between periods and struck up a conversation with a stranger.
"You going to the baseball game tommorrow?" Skinner asked.
"Yes," said the stranger. "Are you?"
"I'll be there." said Skinner.
"Do you have good seats?", the stranger asked.
"Yes" said Skinner. "Right behind home plate."

11-11-01, 10:16 PM
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Why doesn't he rub it in a little more . . . :bad: