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10-17-01, 10:34 PM
Hi all - I'm new here, in fact I only discovered this site tonight. I'm English and have been living in New York since last spring. Stupidly, I didn't get anywhere near a baseball game until earlier this year, so am still kicking myself for missing the World Series last year. I've been to a number of games at both Yankee and Shea Stadiums and once to Atlanta to see the Braves, which was a brilliant stadium, but had nothing like the atmosphere I've come to expect in New York. I've got to the stage where I was ill in bed on Monday night, but still managed to sit up, watching the game on tv, wearing my Yankee cap to give them luck! So I suppose you could say I'm well and truely hooked. Anyway, this looks like a good site and the photographs are great, so I hope to join in a discussion sometime soon.

10-17-01, 11:15 PM
Welcome Expat, Im sure you'll make lots of new mates here
as you help us cheer the Yankees on to another title.

10-17-01, 11:44 PM
:NY: Welcome!!!! Great site. Enjoy...:)

10-18-01, 11:35 AM
Welcome aboard. We have a great time here. Hope you do also.

10-18-01, 03:31 PM
:) Welcome1 :) I love the photos in this site too!

10-18-01, 04:08 PM
Hey Expat. WELCOME TO B-B.com! You will like posting here and just a hint, go to the gametthreads. They are the best :)! Happy Posting :D !

10-18-01, 06:17 PM
welcome and enjoy!

10-19-01, 05:15 PM
Welcome to the site :)

Look forward to reading your posts.

# 21 Forever
10-19-01, 05:46 PM
Welcome to our little community! This is a great site, with a lot of great people! I'm sure you will love it here! :)

10-19-01, 05:51 PM
Welcome bud, and this is for you :gulp:! Have a great time

West Texas
10-19-01, 06:50 PM
Welcome to a great place. You will certainly enjoy it here.

10-19-01, 07:13 PM
welcome...im new too, so i cant really give you any suggestins, so well learn together!!!

10-20-01, 12:40 AM
Welcome aboard Expat57! :)

10-20-01, 12:54 AM
You had found the right place...Welcome aboard:)