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10-05-01, 06:50 AM
Greetings. Many of you "know me" from the Yankee's Forum. Not much to tell really...

Born in CT, raised in upstate NY, living in the south (currently SW GA) for 21 years now but still have roots in the north east. I visit twice a year to see family and friends, stock up on Utica Club beer and HOT Italian sausage, and watch the Yanks and Bills at the local corner bar.

Have loved the Yankees all my life - through thick and thin. Pride and joy is a '63 Studebaker Daytona convertible that I drive regularly. I believe in Jesus Christ and the 2nd ammendment, and that America is for American citizens.... all others stay away!

That's me! Plain and simple. GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

# 21 Forever
10-05-01, 06:54 AM
Palmer, welcome to B-B.com ! We're always happy to see new people here! Hope you enjoy our little community. Happy posting! :)

10-05-01, 10:21 AM
Welcome to the best baseball fan site :) Enjoy!

West Texas
10-05-01, 10:48 AM
Welcome. I am sure you will enjoy it here.

Jersey Yankee
10-05-01, 05:59 PM
PalmerGA, I've read a few of your posts before. Since you're a Yankees fan, this is *DEFINITELY* the place to be. Lots of old time fans going way, way back and we're all here. Join in and have some fun!!!


10-05-01, 09:47 PM
PalmerGA, Welcome to the board! I know you will love it here cause it is the place to talk with other Yanks fans! Enjoy :gulp:

10-06-01, 01:54 AM
:) Welcome! :)

10-06-01, 01:37 PM
:NY: welcome to the best. enjoy...:D

10-13-01, 01:10 AM
Welcome aboard! :)

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10-14-01, 12:49 AM
Hi Palmer. I'm also a poster at Yankees.com, too. Anyway, welcome aboard.