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06-21-17, 07:46 AM
Morning All,

My (soon to be) Wife and I will be travelling to New York for our honeymoon in October and my first thought of course was to get tickets for a Yankees game.

Luckily we catch the last game of the regular season on 1st October.

Catch; we land at 12.55pm with the match kicking off (I'm British and I have no idea) at 3.05pm.

Now I'm not naive enough to think we're going to get there for the start of the game but how long do the gates stay open and will I be OK getting in?

If we were say an hour late, would it still be worth it for laymen to attend the game late?

Also from Times Sq. what would be the quickest route to Yankee Stadium?

Appreciate any help in advance,

Clueless Brit.

06-22-17, 11:34 PM
Actually I don't have an answer to your topic, but I do want to wish you a sweet honeymoon and some infinite love that (http://lord-of-the-ocean-slot.com) would cover everything :3
Good luck with your question!

06-23-17, 11:42 PM
1. Congratulations!!
2. Game not match ;)
3. Dunno at NYS (or old YS :( ), but out here you show the cash, you get in
4. It's always worth attending :)