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08-23-01, 04:34 PM
I learned about him today in sports Illustarted. He really had a fine season in 58 winning the CY Young. Any reason he only had that 1 super year and the rest just mediocre/above average seasons?

Slippery Elm
08-23-01, 05:09 PM
Arm troubles.

Same deal with one year flash in the pan Yankee relievers Arroyo ('61) and Bridges ('62).

08-24-01, 07:51 AM
Turley was a top notch pitcher with a bad team, the Baltimore Orioles, before he came to the Yanks in 1954 with Don Larsen. Turley had one heck of a good fastball and later developed a good curve. He would have had a better record if not for the ineptness of the Balt club. Even though he did a good job for the Yankees for several years.

08-24-01, 01:14 PM
Pitcher Bob Turley's performance in the 1958 Fall Classic against the Milwaukee Braves ranks him as one of the greatest moments in World Series History...

Turley began his career with the St. Louis Browns in 1951, came to the Yankees on November 18th, 1954 in a blockbuster trade. He rewarded the Yankees with a 17 - 13 record on the mound in 1955. "Bullet Bob" reached the height of his career in 1958 when he compiled a mound record of 21 and 7, with a 2.97 ERA. His great performance that season earned the prestigous Cy Young Award as best pitcher in the American League.

However, he saved his best efforts for the World Series. Yankee manager Casey Stengel gave Turley the ball in Game Two of the series. Unfortunately the strapping 6'2', 215 lb. right-hander fell flat on his face as he never got out of the first inning after giving up three hits and a walk.

The Bronx Bombers were facing a second consecutive World Series loss to the Braves after 4 games as they trailed three games to one with Turley slated to pitch next. However, Stengel's faith was rewarded as he overpowered the National League champs by shutting them out in a 7-0 Yankee victory.

Two days later the series shifted to Milwaukee for Game Six. The Yankees won 4-3 in ten innings thanks to the resilient Turley. Pitching on only two days rest, he came in from the bullpen to record the final out and extinguish a Milwaukee rally.

In the deciding seventh game, Turley relieved Don Larsen in the third inning with the Yankees holding a slim 2-1 lead against the dangerous Braves. Milwaukee had runners on first and second with only one out when the Yankees ace again put out the fire. He pitched the rest of the game and gave up only two hits while leading the great Yankees to a 6-2 Series-clinching victory.

Incredibly, over only a four day span, Turley won two World Series games and closed another to propel his Yankees to a World Series title. For his remarkable performance and his gritty determination, Bob Turley ranks as a true World Series hero.