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03-14-16, 03:56 PM
Hey everyone! My name is Vincent Paradiso, I grew up going to Yankee stadium with my father. We used to sneak down to the nicer seats and get away with it because he knew one of the groundsmen. I LOVED IT! I also used to attend every old timers day. So much fun. Now that my parents are in Florida I tend to go to the Yankee games by myself. I always like a little extra luxury so I tend to get tickets in the delta suite. I have been thinking about taking it a step further. I want to book a luxury suite. I can't afford it by myself, but I know their must be 20 other fans out there that would love to share it with me. It includes food and well drinks and works out to be only $325 per person. Now I know that is up there, but it is a luxury suite, with food and drink...We all know hot dogs and beers can add up :) Here is a link where we can pool our money together in order to book it. http://letsdutch.com/experience/view/ny-yankees-vs-boston-red-sox-243/ Let's get it booked!!!