View Full Version : Grandstand 420B seats for sale @ $28 face

04-01-15, 10:25 AM
2 tickets in Grandstand 420B, 3rd Row. the tickets are behind home plate and also give you access to Audi and Mohegan Sun Clubs. the following games are available at $28 face per ticket

May 10 vs Os
May 22, 23 vs Teaxs
May 25 vs KC
May 27 vs KC
June 6,7 vs Angels
June 9,10 vs Nationals
June 23,24 vs Phillies
July 3,4,5 vs Rays
July 7,8,9 vs As
July 18,19 vs Mariners
July 21,23 vs Orioles
Aug 8,9 vs Blue Jays
Aug 17,18,19 vs Twins
Aug 24,25,26 vs Astros
Sep 4,5,6 vs Rays
Sep 7,8,9 vs Orioles
Sep 10,11,12,13 vs Blue Jays
Sept 24,26,27 vs White sox

If interested PM me.