View Full Version : Partial Ticket Plan FACE VALUE hard copy - FIRST ROW (weekend only, full or split)

03-18-13, 05:20 PM
Seats are sec: 320b, Row: 1, Seats: 11-12
Face value - $110/ticket/game ($85/ticket/game, $25 is seat license/seat/game)

I am a season ticket holder, but choose not to attend any of the weekend games, so I am looking for a buyer. The tickets will be hard copy and you will receive them before the season begins. You will be buying all FRIDAY, and/or SUNDAY tickets for the REGULAR SEASON, including all premium (i.e. Mets, Red Sox, Rays) games.

Located in the Jim Beam Suite area, you will be given access to a private club with a full bar, fine dining services, and private restrooms. The seats are cushioned and have a padded seatback (not the hard plastic found in the rest of the stadium). In the 2012 season, they offered free popcorn and peanuts, as well as free refills on all fountain soda.

This is a set of 2 tickets consisting of 26 regular season 2013 WEEKEND games.

13 Friday games
13 Sunday games

If the buyer is uncomfortable and would like to verify the authenticity of the tickets, we will arrange to meet when the tickets come directly from the Yankees organization. I will wait to open the package and the buyer will be on my side as I open the sealed package containing the book of tickets. I will then proceed to tear out the appropriate tickets for the weekend games. This can take place in my office or in a location in Midtown Manhattan. However if the buyer would like me to send the tickets when I receive them from the Yankees, I will do just that.

Please send me any inquiries to lipschitzben@gmail.com
You may also call me at 212-819-0700 x 305