View Full Version : Section 211 row 3- selling games, including Boston and SF

01-27-13, 07:46 PM
I have a Friday plan with 2 tickets in section 211 row 3 (a picture of the view taken during the Select a Seat is below), and I am looking to sell a few games. Price is the partial season price of $80 a ticket. If you purchase 2 games from group A, you can choose a premium game from group B. I don't want to sell more than 4 games.

Thanks for looking!

Group A

Friday April 12 vs Baltimore
Friday April 26 vs Toronto
Friday May 3 vs Oakland
Friday May 17 vs Toronto
Tuesday June 4 vs Cleveland
Friday June 21 vs Tampa Bay
Friday July 12 vs Minnesota
Friday July 26 vs Tampa Bay
Friday August 9 vs Detroit
Wednesday August 14 vs LAA

Group B (Premium Games)

Wednesday April 3 vs Boston
Friday May 31 vs Boston
Friday September 6 vs Boston
Friday September 20 vs San Francisco

02-12-13, 05:34 PM
Updated to need 2 non-premium games to get a Boston or SF game