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08-10-01, 10:10 PM
Who are your Top 10 All-Time Yankee OFs, in order? Here's mine:

Babe Ruth
Mickey Mantle
Joe DiMaggio
Bernie Williams
Bobby Murcer
Roy White
Roger Maris
Reggie Jackson
Dave Winfield
Earle Combs

Slippery Elm
08-10-01, 10:59 PM
Bob Meusel had a better career than Roy White; so did Tommy Heinrich.

08-10-01, 11:01 PM
Here goes...

1. Babe Ruth
2. Tommy Heinrich
3. Mickey Mantle
4. Roger Maris
5. Joe DiMaggio
6. Bobby Bonds
7. Reginald Martinez Jackson
8. Bernie Williams
9. Roy White
10. Sweet Lou Piniella

08-11-01, 06:33 AM
No one pissed that I passed on Paulie? Shoot - no one else picking O'Neill?

Slippery Elm
08-11-01, 07:10 PM
Why did I write down "Heinrich"?? It is HENRICH, of course!

Good point reminding us about Paulie. He also plays very reliable RF.

I guess we had Paulie's 4-6-3 DP's in our mind. But he does belong above Bonds, White, Meusel, and I'd even take him over Maris and Winfield.

08-11-01, 08:08 PM
okay I skipped all of the replies and here goes with me!

Mel Hal
Bernie Williams
Babe Ruth
Lou Gehrig
Joe D.
Paul Oneil
Reggie Jackson
Mickey Mantle
Hank Bauer
Roger Maris

08-11-01, 11:41 PM
Geez...only 10 ?!? That's tough so I'm gonna go with the guy's who had to patrol Yankee Stadiums' DEEEEEP outfield...(Not to take anything away from Bernie but...death Valley when it was a valley...c'mon)

1. Babe Ruth
2. Mickey Mantle
3. Joe DiMaggio
4. Bob Meusel
5. Earle Combs
6. Willie Keeler
7. George Selkirk
8. Tommy Henrich
9. Charlie Keller
10. Roy White

Slippery Elm
08-12-01, 12:53 AM
Mel Hall??

Who's next? Jesse Barfield?!

08-12-01, 08:13 AM
Selkirk was a good player - on many winning teams - but, he only had more than 380 ABs in a season 3 times in his whole career. No way should he be in the top 10.

08-12-01, 08:42 AM
What? No Rickey Henderson? :p

08-12-01, 12:40 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Slippery Elm
Bob Meusel had a better career than Roy White; so did Tommy Heinrich.

I'll stick with Mr. Yankee, Roy White!

GP- 1881 5th most of any Yankee ever.
AB- 6650 7th most of any Yankee ever
RS- 964 10th most
H- 1803 9th most
2B- 300 11th most (Meusel 7th 338)
3B- 51 (Meusel 87 7th)
(Henrich 73 8th)

HR-160 (Meusel 146) (Henrich 183)

RBI-758 (Meusel 1005 9th) (Henrich 795)

BB- 934 5th most (Henrich 712 10th)
SB- 233 4th most
BA- .271 (Meusel .311 7th)
(Henrich .282)

This offering of stats shows Mr. Roy cracking the All-Time Yankee Top Ten list 6 times. Just missing the list in doubles.
Combined Meusel and Henrich make it 6 times.

Mr. Roy was also a switch hitter, the other 2 not.
Mr. Roy was also considered the best left-fielder, defensively speaking, ever, as a Yankee.
Setting and holding the most consecutve innings in a row without an error in left-field, as a Yankee!

I'm not sure of the number, but I don't think it's been broken yet. Any help setting the record straight would be appreciated!
He just never made mistakes out there. Always hitting the cut-off man, great catches, good speed, played the angles well, cutting the ball off from the alleys, not the strongest of arms, but very acurate.
Played the sun better than any I've seen since. Had to! They played more day games in the 60's and early 70's than they do now days.

He helped the Yankees to 3 W.S. appearances in a row.
His road was much more difficult.
Let's face it, he played on some of the worst teams in Yankee history!

His game was well rounded, he could bunt, hit and run, steal bases, hit for a decent average, and had decent power for a player in his day.

He went basically underrated, and unnoticed his whole 15 year career.
Look at your own opinion, for example.
In 1977 the Bronx Zoo, Roy White was the steadiest performer and a stabilizing presence in an otherwise unstable Yankee locker room.
He was very clutch!
Always in the middle of things. Timely hitting to start or keep rallies going. Again getting lost in the box score, with a great bunt, or selflessly moving a runner over. Great team player.

In 77 and 78 he did it all. His name pops up unassumingly everywhere.
Not to mention 76.
That's right, in 78, who as on base when Dent hit his play-off homer for 3 runs, so the Yankees could take the lead.
They went on to beat Boston.

I think Mr. Roy's career at the very, very least is equal to that of Henrich or Muesel.

At least when one looks at the All-Time Yankee Stat List.
Only Mantle, Gehrig, Berra, and Ruth have played in more games as Yankees (in that order), than Roy White.

That says it all for me, right there!!!

In 1973 he lead the league in AB- 639.
In 1976 he lead the league in RS- 104.
In 1972 he lead the league in BB- 99.

Henrich did lead the league in RS in 1948 with 138.
He also lead the league in triples in 48-49. With 13 and 14, repectfully!

Besides, Henrich played quite a bit of 1st base for the Yankees, also.

Which reminds me that Roy White also played 1st base, 3rd and 2nd base along with DH, for the Yankees, high lighting his versatility.
Only Ruth, Mantle, and Joe D. have played more games in the outfield for the Yankees than Roy White.
Again noting, that White has played in more games than Joe D. Just not in the outfield.

I would be more inclined to agree that Meusel or Henrich had better Yankee careers than Murcer, Maris, Winfield,
even Jackson, than Roy White.

Those players combined make the Yankee All-Time Top Ten List (in categories listed) ONCE!
Winfield 8th place with 205 HR.

When is the next time you will see a Yankee play left field for the better part of 15 years?
Maybe Murcer can come out of retirement.
Mr. Roy played with a lot of 'em in the Yankee outfield!
Center-field and right were always changing.
I guess old Roy was too good to mess with. :)