View Full Version : The Yankees made a big trade for the 47 season with the Indians.

08-10-01, 05:09 PM
Who did they trade?
Who did they get?

08-10-01, 08:18 PM
Is that when the Yanks got Allie Reynolds?......not sure, but I think I heard that Allie had been with the Indians....If not, I will be interested to hear who changed clubs.

08-10-01, 08:26 PM
The Yanks traded Joe Gordon for Allie Reynolds.Bill Veeck offered The Yanks a choice Red Embree or Allie Reynolds (the Super Chief) The brass asked DiMag his opinion, he said go get Allie.:D :NY: :NY: :NY: :NY:

08-11-01, 10:25 AM
Thanks.....guessed one right......Allie was the mainstay of the staff (along with Raschi and Lopat) when I started following the Yanks...Also Gordon was gone, but I wasn't smart enough to put it together. Guess Gordon helped the Indians win in '48....and Allie certainly helped the Yankees.