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07-06-10, 10:14 PM

A male fan, who fell from the second deck to the field level seats while leaning to catch a foul ball hit during Tuesday's game at Rangers Ballpark, was stabilized, responsive and moving his extremities as he was taken to John Peter Smith hospital in Fort Worth.

Texas Rangers officials didn't know the name of the fan, who was described as a middle-aged, white male. The man fell from the club level, hit the railing on the suite level and landed in the lower deck down the first base line. The drop is about 30 feet.

Video (doesn't show the actual fall)

Sounds like he's going to live, but my goodness, what a scary situation. Hopefully he comes out of this alright. :(

07-07-10, 12:42 AM
Latest update:

The fan fell while apparently trying to catch Nelson Cruz's foul pop. It's not clear if he was leaning over the low railing around the club seats or if he backed into it. But when he fell, he hit several people below. That may have helped save him.

"The preliminary indications are that it could have been a lot worse," Rangers president Nolan Ryan said after the game. "You are concerned for the fan and for the other people who were hurt during the fall. Our emergency personnel got there very quickly and got him stabilized. I'm very proud of that."

The fan who fell - his name has not yet been released - was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth. According to Rangers spokesman John Blake, he was able to move all his extremities and was responsive to emergency personnel. He was expected to be kept at least overnight.

The four fans who were injured by his fall were all treated at Rangers Ballpark and did not require hospitalization. One small child received a contusion on his face, Ryan said. He visited with the fans at the treatment area.

The incident happened at about 8:30 p.m. with the Rangers leading 3-1 in the bottom of the fifth. As personnel attended to the fan, umpires stopped play and waved players off the field. The umpires met with Ryan and later with the managers. The game was resumed after a 16-minute delay. Ryan said the discussion was not about suspending or canceling the game.

"We were just going to do everything to make sure that everybody had been attended to," Ryan said. "We were going to wait as long as we needed to take care of it and any other injuries and then we were going to resume the game."


07-07-10, 12:50 AM
Those people cushioned his fall. Thank goodness that fan is alright.

07-07-10, 01:23 AM
You can see the umpire saw it as it happened in that clip, he puts his hands to his head.

I hope that dude is alright. To be honest I have always worried about things like this happening. Even without the foul ball as a factor, I see how some of the railings on upper decks are low, and always think that somebody who has had too much to drink might fall or knock somebody else over.

07-07-10, 10:19 AM
I think I heard that they had raised the railings to prevent this type of horrible accident from happening.

Just looking at the reactions of the umpire and then Guerrero and Crowe, down on his knees with his head between his hands (clip on Sports Center) was all you needed to see. Guerrero was just stunned - he never blinked the whole time the camera was on him. This could have had a very tragic outcome, but it looks as though everyone will be oaky.

07-07-10, 12:33 PM
i'm shocked that they didnt catch this on camera, or atleast they are not releasing it yet.

hope the fans is ok