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07-28-01, 07:09 PM
Hey All,

I am, yet again, another ex-forumer of that unmentionable site. My old forum name was 15THURM15. N2ROCKET told me about this site some time ago in the 'old Yanks chatroom'...... Thanks N2!

I am so happy that you all have made this such a YankeeWonderland.

Since I moved to S. Florida 10 yrs. ago, I was drawn to that other place because I needed to keep a connection to my Bronx roots and meet all of you who are true Yanksfans. Since there are very few Yankee games on TV down here, that is until Playoffs and WS time, I usually spend gametime in that chatroom in order to obtain any/all info about the game in progress. I have tried the chat on this site and met a few fans and had a great time but not during the gametime, hopefully that will change as time goes by.

Thanks again for a great Yankee Site.

:NY: :smokin: :NY:

# 21 Forever
07-28-01, 07:13 PM
Welcome Thurmie! The Captain is my brother's fav player too!

07-28-01, 07:32 PM
Hello Thurmie

I left the other NYY sites also, and became a member here today. Welcome from another Floridian and Yankees Fan in the Fla Keys.

07-28-01, 08:20 PM
Welcome! :)

07-28-01, 08:50 PM
welcome to the best Yankees fan site on the net!

07-28-01, 10:07 PM
:NY: Wonderland it is and welcome.

07-29-01, 04:20 PM

Red Bus
07-29-01, 05:35 PM
Hey Thurm glad you finaly made it in here seems your audio is not the only thing that lags behind me :lol: .Now all we got to do is get the rest of Chat here too.

07-29-01, 06:22 PM
Welcome home. :)

DW Fan
07-29-01, 09:03 PM
Hurray and Welcome! :O

07-29-01, 09:31 PM
#21...your brother has very good taste, Fan...Howdy neighbor, Irish, Eddie, Bagger, Skooter and last, but by no means least, to my favorite English Bus Driver....it is great to be here and do hope everyone else finds this place.

One quick question....why is the chatroom on this site not used during games? I see that members discuss the game in the forum as it is playing but no one was in the chat.

Thanks again for the #1 Yanks welcome...very appropriate:ga-ga:

aka YanksGoFour on aol

07-29-01, 09:46 PM
Hi Thurmie! Welcome aboard - I think I chatted with you sometimes back in the day! :) This is the place to talk Yankee baseball. I don't know how the game threads started instead of the chat, but they are a lot of fun! :)

Keep smiling and welcome...:)

07-30-01, 04:35 PM

07-30-01, 04:41 PM
Welcome Thrumie! To The Better & Best Forum of Yankee Baseball!

We usually have the gamethread & the chatroom going at the sametime!
You must have been there on a weekend nite ! Keep going back! We all show up in there eventually! Jim is usually in & out of there! And if you YELL loud enough heheh! Playdoh (whose always there!) ususally brings out Sillycon to chat!

Welcome & Post On! Love Your Name!

07-30-01, 04:57 PM
Hi AllyBear...Yes we did chat 'back in the day'....tee-hee...good to see you. Good to meet you DW, Pa, YanksRock and Jean thanks for the info....and for the welcome.

:NY: Thurmie :NY:

# 21 Forever
07-30-01, 06:03 PM
Thurmie, The chatroom is used alot. If you go in and stick around a little someone usually shows up. After 9 is the best time to start finding people there.

O'Neill Fan
07-30-01, 08:17 PM
Welcome Thurmie!!:)