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07-24-01, 02:15 AM
I've been registered here for a long time (over a year) and have posted intermittently but have never really introduced myself. Some of you may know me either as RDFiato51or JusticeServed28 (or both) from Yankees.com, the place where I began Internet baseball posting a little over a year ago. I have "lurked" at several other places, including FanHome.com/BaseballBoards.com and alt.sports.baseball.ny-yankees (on Usenet) but now only consider myself a regular at a place called MVP Baseball Forums, a site that probably most of you have never heard of (The "Bronx-Bomber" :) might remember it as Tenthman). I used to post a lot elsewhere but found that doing so consumed most of my free time; hence, I've cut back a lot but still enjoy reading what others' opinions are on various subjects.

Anyway, despite the favoritism implicit in the two aforementioned user names, I really don't have a clear favorite Yankee any more. Bernie might be the closest at this point.

Here's some personal information about me. My real name is Randy. I am from upstate New York (specifically, the Capital Region). I am Korean. Roughly three hours ago, I turned 18. I am a freshman/sophomore computer science major at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The reason why I wrote "freshman/sophomore" is that, while I entered as part of the class of 2005, I have thirty credits from Advanced Placement exams, which technically makes me a sophomore (and prevented me from registering for some freshman interdisciplinary courses). The only thing with RPI though is that, in the class of 2005, the male/female ratio is about 4:1.

I enjoy classical music and jazz, although I will listen to just about anything except rap. I play trumpet (not well enough to do so professionally, though.... I have enough power to produce close to a professional pitch range, but, as in pitching, power without control doesn't get you very far :P).

I also casually play chess (not very well, though). If anyone wants to play against me, I have an account for Yahoo! games. I also play fantasy baseball (I'm in six leagues).

I am what you would call a computer geek. I run the Linux operating system on my computer and use it for dabbling in computer programming. Hey, I'm planning to go into that sort of thing for a career, so may as well start now. :)

My screen name on the AIM service is JusticeServed28. I'm usually logged on but often leave an away message (cable modems rock... wait... no, please don't tell me that you have a T3 connection! ;)); you will need some good timing to catch me.

That's me in a (very big) nutshell. :)

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07-24-01, 07:10 AM
Welcome Randy! It's nice to have you here!

07-24-01, 08:22 AM
Hey Randy...I remember you from y.com...when I first went there back in November, you were all over those boards and then disappeared!! Then I remember you saying you cut back your time...this is the best site to talk Yankee baseball, glad you decided to start posting!! Welcome!! :)

07-24-01, 11:48 AM
It's not y.com, it's d.com, well, happy posting!

07-24-01, 03:18 PM
hey Randy I remeber you in your justiceserved28 days at the other site I hope you decide to post here because I used to enjoy reading your post (you where one of the few who wrote intelligent posts ) I got tired of all the I love Derek's and Jeter's and Tino's butt posts over there thats why I'm here now as a sport/ Yankee fan you will enjoy this site as you have seen anyway I hope you decide to post here more often because we could use another well spoken opinion. This site is forever changing and always for the better most people here are hard core Yankees fan and the guy who runs the show (Jim) is dedicated to having the best site on the planet. I'll be looking foward to your posts, see ya around and enjoy the site:D

07-24-01, 08:20 PM
:cool: Welcome and Happy Posting. Go for it. :eek: :NY:

07-24-01, 11:51 PM
Welcome Randy! I remember both your names from the old Y.com. I'm right down the road from you (ok, about 90 mins. away), but lived in Albany for 10 yrs. and still visit often. Happy posting! :)

07-26-01, 01:05 AM
Thanks everyone for the welcome. :)

07-26-01, 10:29 AM
Here's to your posts (and you!) :gulp:

07-27-01, 12:20 PM
I remember you well, you always had something intelligent to say, whether discussing Yankees baseball or just conversation. :)

Glad you found us here, we are a little profane at times, but it's a great place to discuss baseball and anything else!

You may remember me, I always end my posts with keep smiling...:)

07-28-01, 12:40 PM

You Have Linux Operating System! Boy Would My Son have lots to talk about to you! He just installed His Second Linux System on His 2nd Computer after the Windows 2000 crashed! Now he has it on both computers side by side at his home! We as a Family have been wanting to use Linux for the last few years! Now that our son is back in our state living near us! Im sure in the near future that Linux will replace Win98 on our Machine! Ive used his Linux System already! In fact I wrote a topic in BB.com right here a few weeks ago to try it out! It worked Great! We
Love The Linux System! No blue screens no freezes! Just Works Great!

My Son Is also runs computers and has gone into the Computer Operating Systems Field as a business! He Just Started & I know he will be successful at it!


Being In the State Capitol Region..Are You anywheres near Schenectady?! My Parents were born & raised there! Then had the odocity when they met to marry & move out here where I was Born!
I miss NY! Everytime I go back I want to stay there! Someday maybe!

You will Love It Here! And With Justice Coming Back within this Week!
I hope to see you post more about Him! He Is A Winner! And Will Add
Greatly to Our Lineup Again Like He did last year & just before he left!

Youll Love This Site ITS WAAAAAAY MUCH BETTER THAN That Other Place where most of us came from that you mentioned! And there is No
Critism about Posts here like there was made a big deal there! YOU WILL LOVE IT HERE & Want to Make BB.Com Your Home! Jim F is
A Great Moderator! WE ALL LOVE HIM!!

Congratulations on Your Sophmore/Freshman Status!


07-28-01, 10:57 PM
Jean: I live in a suburb of Albany, about 10 minutes away from Hertiage Park (where the Albany-Colonie Yankees used to play) and about 30 minutes from Schenectady, where I have a part-time data entry job.

07-29-01, 03:18 PM
Welcome to Bronx Bombers! The Best of the New York Yankees!

DW Fan
07-29-01, 08:05 PM
Hello and Welcome!:NY: