View Full Version : Romanian Yankees and Sycamore Style announce trade

04-14-09, 11:29 AM
The busiest day in Romanian Yankees franchise history ended with another blockbuster deal.

Romanian Yankees gets:
Carlos Pena
Travis Snider
Gerald Laird

Sycamore Style gets:
Russell Martin
Jhonny Peralta
Justin Verlander

For the Romanian Yankees, this trade ended a day in which 3 deals were completed, involving 8 players in, 8 players out, plus the signing of one free agent and the release of 2 players.

Snatch Catch
04-14-09, 12:28 PM
I'm happy with the deal, although not ecstatic because I was looking to clear one of my other OF to make room for Snider for years to come, rather than make him the one that I traded.

Moving on though. I'm still willing to make moves for anyone that is interested.