View Full Version : John Ramistella 4 for 5 leads Gulf Coast Yankees in a 9-1 win over the Phillies.

07-21-01, 11:07 PM
Ramistella,a 19 yr old Californian drafted by the Yankees in the 35th rd in the year 2000 draft out of Santa Barbara Community College is currently hitting 338 with 3 Hrs and 16 rbi in 21 games.This young man may be a prospect.

07-22-01, 04:36 PM
Does anyone have any info on Ramistella? He and Sardinha are tearing up the rookie league and it's very encouraging.

Also, has anyone seen Sardhina play? I've heard that he might be moved from SS to maybe 3B? Any truth to that thought?


07-22-01, 06:27 PM
The Yankees plan to have Bronson play the other infield postions as well as short.He is a lefthanded hitting shortstop who can play.Body compared to Roberto Alomar.

07-23-01, 09:29 PM
I read on the team one site the yankees are talking about converting Sardinha to a catcher. Can someone pronounce his name? I think it might be Sar-dina.