View Full Version : Forum Speed Improvements / Server Upgrade

05-21-00, 04:53 PM
This is amazing!! I just signed on with my Freei.net dial-up account, and I was SURPRISED at how fast it was! This service is typically slow as hell, so I figured it would be a good benchmark. I've been flying through these forums like a MAD man! :)

So I am glad to say that our problems should be solved. The real test will be when there are several concurrent users who are all posting. That is typically when it is the slowest. Hopefully that will be the same!


AOL users (BTHL, O-mom, etc.) please let me know what you think. As well as all of you others who have dial-up accounts. I need feedback in order to improve! Even if you notice nothing, please let me know! If I don't know it's broke, I can't fix it!


05-21-00, 05:04 PM
I am a dial up connection user and it is pretty darn fast to me. I even went to the chat for the first time because the connection to the chat never went through. Well now it did. Is that because of the speed too?

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