05-20-00, 11:05 PM
I recieved this email from the CEO of my hosting company earlier this evening:

FutureQuest is placing the new MySQL02 server on-line this weekend and would like to move some Databases off of the MySQL01 server. We have a limited number of sites that will be moved. Due to the issues you have brought up with your DB on the Community Forums we would like to offer
Bronx-Bombers.com the opportunity to be one of the DBs that is moved to the new "mysql02" server next week.

What this means is that access times will be SPED UP!! :) I bitched so much that they decided to roll out new servers for the database earlier than expected.

As a result, tomorrow (Sunday) the forums will be down for approximately 15 minutes while they move all the data from the existing database to the BRAND SPANKING NEW database.

This is a HUGE relief, because switching actual servers is a MASSIVE PAIN IN THE ASS, that could possibly take up to a few days. This has the same results, but very different and much easier means.

I hope you all are able to enjoy the forums to the fullest now! :)

Take Care,

05-20-00, 11:38 PM
That's great news Jim, especially for little ol' "no longer on school network so I must dial-up" me!

Do you know when the site will be off-line?

B "happy surfing" G :D

05-20-00, 11:44 PM
Do you know when the site will be off-line?

Sometime tomorrow, for about 15 minutes. They are going to be calling me or emailing me as soon as they know the approximate time. Sundays are typically the slowest day of the week, so chances are you won't even notice. :)

05-21-00, 05:58 AM
Friggin' AY!! ;)


05-21-00, 09:06 AM
Jimbo, u da man!
Well its Sunday morning, no time yet?
again Jim u da man and don't let anybody tell ya differently......

05-21-00, 11:00 AM
Alright Jim!!

26 in '00

05-21-00, 12:17 PM
Hopefull this will eliminate some of the bottlenecks that have been occuring. :)

05-21-00, 04:26 PM
The changeover has occured, and it seems a lot faster to me. Please let me know what you think!



05-21-00, 04:37 PM
you bet. I have noticed it right away.
What else has changed?

05-21-00, 04:41 PM
GREAT!! I can notice a HUGE difference personally!

But no, nothing else has chaged. We just moved the databases which contain all of the posts, users, forums, etc., to a brand spanking new server, which is optimized for the use of this software.

The main server that the site resides on is the same.

05-21-00, 04:47 PM
too kewl..
I love it Jim..
u da BOMB....

05-21-00, 05:19 PM
OMG, I just logged on and this is SOOOOOO much faster than I've been used to since going off Ethernet and using a dial-up! Woo hoo! Jim you rock! This site is :smokin: !

B "speedy" G :D

05-21-00, 05:50 PM
since going off Ethernet

I believe there are de-tox programs for that. ;)

I'm glad it is working faster for you! :)

05-22-00, 01:32 PM
This is GREAT!! So much faster!! I wasn't online all weekend and whatta nice surprise to come back to!! Whatta pleasure! Thanks!! :) :) :)