View Full Version : Catcher for next year?

08-31-08, 01:48 AM
Im putting Posada returning to full time duty behind the plate at 4:1 against. Given he doesn't return to catcher that will put him at 1B/DH, which is basically the same position anyway.

So who is going to take the role behind the plate, Molina is only a backup? I really dont see IROD coming back, no one really likes him anyway.

On a side note that leaves DH, CF, RF, LF open for Nady, Matsui, Damon. I'm thinking that none of them are gonna play CF, Damon really the only other option there, so that leaves RF, LF, and DH open for the three of them. Nady can play right, although he's better suited for left, and Damon/Matsui can split the LF/DH duties.

This also results in no spot for Tex unless they can trade Matsui or Damon, if they can I think they should.

This also results in a pretty weak lineup and no spot for Abreu unless they trade away Matsui/Damon and then I think they would rather sign Tex and force Matsui or Damon, whoever is left, to play left.

CF(Cabrera most likely now and that is scary)
C(Molina as of now)

That looks like a HORRIBLE lineup.

I have a feeling that the Yankees might look to move Cano. He makes next to nothing and will be VERY sought after. The easiest place to improve your team is at the power positions, but looking at FA there is not much out there. Because of Cano's salary I think they Yankees can get 2 players back of similair skill. Get yourself a solid SP and CF, maybe a trade with SF for Rowand and Linecum, give them Matsui at discount along with Cano so they can cut their payroll and give them more wiggle room after the Zito signing.