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05-18-00, 08:47 AM
Hello Everyone-

I decided to close the conversation forum for a few days. I've noticed a trend where people register and only post in that forum, or people spend the majority of their time posting in that forum. That was not the intent of this web site. I vowed when I first opened the conversation forum, that if it ever got more popular than the others, I would close it. This morning, I woke up and there were 25 new posts, only 3 were in the Yankees Forum, and 22 were in the conversation forum. That is not acceptable.

That forum was created for members to get to know each other, and not intended to create a social atmosphere. That is exactly what everybody has come here to avoid.

So let's get back to baseball, and in a few days when everybody is back to posting about baseball, I'll re-open the conversation forum.

MeggieNY, please email me if you'd like the URL for the post that you made yesterday.

Take care everyone.


05-18-00, 10:30 AM
I was just about to ask that question...Wha' Hoppin'? I guess I hadn't noticed that. I seemed to me that most of the regular posters were using all the forums, but you'd know best. Geez, I love this place. It's a great place to come to. You're still the man Jim. BTW, have you thought any more about what we were discussing via e-mail regarding the main page?


05-18-00, 10:48 AM
Yes, most of the regulars have been using all the forums. But I've noticed recently that there has been a lot more activity in that forum by people who don't contribute to the other forums. I won't mention names, but they know who they are. I've noticed many of the *real* regulars haven't been posting as much recently at all; I don't know if that was because they noticed the onslaught of non-baseball stuff too, or what.

And yes, I have thought about what we discussed, and am still working on that. Right now, Britt is emailing me her articles, and I am publishing them. I am working on a program that would enable her and you (or anyone else) to publish their own stuff, all with a "Word" type of interface. It would format the text automatically, and enter the teaser line on the main page automatically. As soon as I'm done with that, I was hoping to move forward with some of the stuff we were talking about. :)

05-18-00, 12:41 PM

I admit, I havent been posting much at all anyway..but I have avoided the baseball talk because I am totally and truly in a blue funk when my boys lose! I can't handle the analysis, and other stuff. I am not saying I don't expect to lose, but I just am not a good loser. Plus, there is this dumb a** Red Sox fan who ims me and totally depresses me. I do not like your decision Jim. I liked the JC section.. obviously. I hope it comes back soon! Now I feel I have no outlet left! I dont post at that other place, baseball talk is depressing me, so I try to avoid it right now! Oh well.. Looks like I will have to go create my own Yankees website! :P

05-18-00, 12:48 PM
That is exactly what I mean...

the fact that people are upset that I took away that forum is upsetting. That forum was meant to be a secondary, unimportant feature of this site. Come here and talk baseball, post in the conversation forum to relax.

If you search the last 15 or so people to register, they have only posted in the conversation forum. That is not why I created this site. I didn't create this site for people to chit-chat on. That's what AOL IM is for...

This close is just temporary, anyway. I basically did it to make a point. And I prooved that point.

05-18-00, 12:57 PM
Ok, I have re-opened it, just because it was being counter-productive. All the BS just filtered onto the main boards.

People, let's talk BASEBALL, okay?

05-18-00, 01:06 PM
My friend is a regular on a forum (totally unrelated to baseball -- but that's not the point) and even though they have different software, the way that one works is it's not divided up into categories like so. It's just one long string of posts.

While the different categories definitely give some sort of order to the forum, by designating one for "non-baseball topics" it lures people in and precludes them from looking at baseball-related topics -- so if they don't feel like glancing at the YankeesTalk forum, they don't have to, as opposed to if people could see everything at once, they might post everywhere.

I'm not saying to revise the whole forum and make it one long string of topics, because chances are that would take a lot of doing and the software's probably not designed for that. But maybe you could make a separate forum for "new topics" or something like that that are posted above the other forums, so that people could go right to them? Or would that take too much doing also? Just a suggestion...

05-18-00, 01:14 PM
First of all, that's called a "threaded view", which is extremeley hard to navigate and read, since they stay in the same order as they are posted. This forum software is designed to not look like that, to make it easier to read and reply to active topics.

Second, there already is a featyre to look at new posts. Whn you first enter the forum, there is a welcome message at the top; right next to that it says: Go to new posts. By clicking on that link, you'll be taken to all the posts that were made since your last visit. Is that what you mean?

I think the problem is that people were not coming here to talk baseball. They used to. It seemed like everyone was coming here and registering, and only posting in the conversation forum.

That is there as a bonus for the people who participate in the other forums. I don't want to become a chatter-box forum. Whereas I don't mind people posting anything in the conversation forum, as long as they participate in the baseball discussion as well. That's all...

05-18-00, 02:19 PM
I'm guilty of this too, but it's not because I don't visit the other sections. It's just that someone always beats me to the punch, and I'm not the type of person who has to post just to say "Ditto" or something like that. I read the posts and most of you people say things better than I can anyway.

I'm just a little confused about one thing you said. You said that you wanted this section to be for getting to know one another, but then you said that you didn't want it to become a social atmosphere. I don't understand what the difference is. I think that many of us who came here hoped that it could be both. I can't speak for anyone else, but posting on a board where there is no camaraderie is just not worth my time. I don't feel comfortable with "strangers," and the reason that I came here was to be with people who weren't "strangers."

Of course, this board is yours to run the way that you see fit, and I am not about to tell you how to do it. I just hope that you see that for at least most of us that post more here, it doesn't mean that we aren't at least reading topics in the other sections.

05-18-00, 02:52 PM
It wasn't broke. Don't fix it. People are happy coming in here, and more people are joining, and now I hope you're not trying to suggest the content of what we should talk about. Jim, why not leave well enough alone?

05-18-00, 02:54 PM
You said that you wanted this section to be for getting to know one another, but then you said that you didn't want it to become a social atmosphere. I don't understand what the difference is.

There is a big difference. Everybody here is among friends. I just don't want it to become a "social gathering place" like some other sites. When I first opened the conversation forum, I remember you saying you thought it was a bad idea, because it would turn into what Yankees.com is.

What I mean, is that I want the posters to be able to get to know each other in that forum. I don't want people coming to this site, for the sole purpose of posting in that forum. That is the difference. More and more people are NOT posting in the baseball forums, and are posting in the conversation forums. I'm not mentioning names, but the past couple of people to register are yet to post ANYTHING in any of the baseball forums.

I hate to sound ungrateful for the people that choose to come here, but I don't want people coming here only for the friendly conversation. This is a BASEBALL forum.

Do you understand the difference?

05-18-00, 03:02 PM
now I hope you're not trying to suggest the content of what we should talk about. Jim, why not leave well enough alone?

Heaven forbid someone try to keep this forum related to the YANKEES...

05-18-00, 03:34 PM
This is my last comment on this topic, because I can tell that we'll never agree here. When you first put this section in, I remember telling you that this would happen, and that you wouldn't like it. I personally think it's great, for the reasons that I stated earlier. But of course, it's up to you how this place is run. I just hope that people don't feel as alienated as I do, because I definitely will feel alienated if I am only allowed to talk baseball. Again, it's your site, and far be it from me to tell you what you should and shouldn't do.

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05-18-00, 03:55 PM
Man, I'll tell you...

I wish EVERYONE was as passionate about posting on this forum, as they are about telling me what they don't like about it...

05-18-00, 06:39 PM
What about specifying a limit for the number of posts each member can post in Just Conversation a day (or maybe a week if a topic or two gets "hot"? Or would doing that be too complicated?

05-18-00, 06:40 PM
I apologize to everyone for my crassness.

I have such a strong vision for this site, and whenever things don't go 100% according to that vision, I start thinking for ways to right the ship.

I just wanted to make a point, that there is more to discuss here than what is in the conversation forum. There are a bunch of other baseball forums that would love to be posted in.

I wasn't trying to punish anyone or anything, I just wanted to make sure that people weren't forgetting to talk about baseball and the Yanks.

Again, I apologize for my rudeness.


05-18-00, 09:18 PM
I know I like to be the social butterfly, and like Trish said, a lot of times, all I could add to a baseball post is "yeah, what he/she said". But, I don't want you to think that's all I'm here for, I truly enjoy talking about the Yankees, and will try to do it more, OK?!?

Can I still say keep smiling...:)

05-19-00, 01:17 PM
I just knew that Kim and Trish would be at the bottom of this fiasco. :P Guess we'll have to reejewcate them to the finer points of baseball. :D

05-20-00, 04:44 PM
May I make a little observation about Just Conversation? Several of the posts there, while not specifically about baseball, do deal with the Yankees. Like pictures and talk about going to games, games not being on tv. There's a lot to talk about concerning the Yankees, beside what is on the field. Thanks for not taking it all away from us. :)

05-20-00, 06:17 PM
Russ, I know plenty about baseball.. Wanna put me to the test? Like was said earlier, 9 times outta ten someone has said something I agree with, or would have said myself! Why post just.. "I agree with you", and thats it? Just to get my post count up?