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Slippery Elm
07-02-01, 11:31 PM
Monday night I went to the Cyclones' Keyspan Park. A beautiful place, nice atmosphere - and a very loud PA system. But such is the way things are everywhere in sports these days.

The Cyclones beat and pummeled the Red Sox' Lowell Spinners right into the ground.

The 'clones even had a no-hitter going until one out in the eighth.

A couple of weird points.

It seems in A level baseball the manager lets the starter go three innings no matter how awful he is. The Cyclones' pitcher walked six and hit two in three innings. The Spinners' starter, also in three, was just throwing BP - it was a massacre. But he stayed in there and finished his three innings.

Brooklyn Outfielder Noel Devarez dropped an easy fly early in the game for an E-9. He didn't flip down his sunglasses even with the setting sun in his face, and the centerfielder looked really pissed. Alfonso, the manager promptly pinch-hit for him next inning. Shades of Cleon Jones and Gil Hodges, but Gil went out and got him, as I recall the incident.

Keyspan also features events that are so stupid and corny they are almost funny, such as a race between three giant hot dogs: one with ketchup, one with relish, and one with sauerkraut. (Ketchup won).

So an enjoyable - and interesting - night. Some weird doings in single A baseball!

07-03-01, 03:13 AM
They have a hot dog race at EAB Park on LI, home of the Ducks! They do lots of hokey stuff between innings- the kids like it! I want to try to catch the Cyclones and SI Yankees. I live not too far from the Ducks-it's cheap entertainment-family friendly-and I have nothing emotionally invested in it, so it's relaxing-unlike a yankees gave which is a shlep, is expensive, exposes the kids to words I don't even know and is always intense for me!

Slippery Elm
07-03-01, 03:50 AM
The hot dog race is sponsored by Nathan's at Keyspan. They also had some goofy stunts by people from the stands. I guess it's a Minor League tradition.

I wonder why no one had considered reopening the Parachute Jump. Bet it would have a lot of takers. Insurance too high?

Next up: my first visit to The Ballpark at St George. The skyline at night past the centerfield fence should be marvelous.