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06-27-01, 09:50 PM
Everytime I se Mariano Rivera pitch I think "they just don't get any better than that." I am a big fan of the Yankees here in the San Joaquin Valley
in California. Get the Yankees Games on Direct TV.

Jim F.
06-27-01, 10:22 PM

Mo rules - he's a big factor in the Yankees' success over the past few years. He is probably the best of all time.

See you around the boards :).


06-27-01, 11:07 PM
hey Rivera fan...welcome to bb!! Great to have you...there are a few other great posters here from California too!! And you're right, Mo is the best!! :)

Happy Posting!! :)

06-27-01, 11:24 PM
Welcome aboard! Happy posting! :)

06-28-01, 12:44 AM
:) Welcome and Mo da man!!!!!! :cool:

# 21 Forever
06-28-01, 07:12 AM
Welcome RiveraFan! Glad to have you on board! Enjoy yourself here! :D

06-28-01, 09:09 AM
Hey RiveraFan!!! A VERY WARM Hearted Welcome To You
My Californian Friend! Its soo good to see another Californian
here!!! There are quite a few of us in BB!!! And One More Is
Great News!!

By the way I get the Yankees via Directv also!

This Shows That When The Yankees Come To California!
The State Turns into Yankee Pinstripes! Fouget toes udder
teams!!! Da Bronx Boys Is What Counts!!!

Especially Mo!!! So Glad To See You Representing such A
Great Closer as The Sandman!!!!

Welcome Aboard & Enjoy Posting With The Rest of Us!!

06-28-01, 02:36 PM
Welcome aboard! Mo is the man and then some!

Keep smiling and enjoy...:)

06-28-01, 05:42 PM
welcome Rivera fan you are right Mo is the man!

06-29-01, 12:23 PM
:) Welcome! :)

07-02-01, 04:08 AM
welcome aboard...next stop, 4 peat central!!!

nice to see some more west coasters....

gotta love Directv!

07-04-01, 08:47 PM
Your right about Mo. He is the best in the business. And he's got a sense of humor too. Once when I got his autograph, the guy couldn't stop smiling and clowning around. Welcome to BB.com:cool:

DW Fan
07-11-01, 07:19 PM
Welcome RF,
Hope you enjoy the best Yankee site in the world. I read your profile and see we have the same interests. Enjoy! Mo is da man! :cool: