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05-15-00, 12:01 PM
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Mac Ties Mantle for HRs


http://www.nydailynews.com/images/article/dropcaps/M_dc.gifark McGwire homered in his first two at-bats, tying Mickey Mantle for eighth place on the career list with 536, and the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Los Angeles Dodgers, 12-10, yesterday.

Craig Paquette and Jim Edmonds also homered for St. Louis, and Eric Karros (two), Gary Sheffield and Todd Hundley connected for the Dodgers as the teams combined for a Busch Stadium record eight homers.

I hate to see The Mick fall another slot on the list. But, if he had to I'm glad it's to a guy like Mark McGwire. Wouldn't Mac have looked great in pinstripes? As a side note Edmonds knocked out another one.

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05-15-00, 03:35 PM
The amazing thing is that of the top 100 in career HRs, nineteen are currently active (it'll soon be twenty). When you figure that it's not until the back side of your career that you accumulate big career numbers, that's an amazing concentration in one decade.

72 of the top 100 played past 1970, including ALL of the top 8 except Ruth.

Albert Belle (362) now has more than Joe DiMaggio (361).
Bobby Bonilla (279) has as many as Ted Kluszewski (279).
Andres Galarraga (343) has more than Hank Greenberg (331).
Harold Baines (376) has more than Rocky Colavito (374) or Ralph Kiner (369).
Cal Ripken (409) is ahead of Duke Snider (407).
Barry Bonds (460) has more than Carl Yastrzemski (452) and is fast approaching Dave Winfield (465), Willie Stargell (475) and Stan Musial (475).

Aaron's 755 is NOT safe.

05-16-00, 07:53 PM
My first thought of Big Mac was, "What a jerk.?" He was using drugs and all. I soon began to relaize and understand that he is a great guy. My thoughts towards him soon changed and I like him now.

Good Luck Big Mac in the 2000 Season.
Sorry for my doubts of you...

05-18-00, 11:50 PM
He passed it tonite, against the Phillies of all teams. :(

THREE HOME RUNS! That's the fifth time he's done that. The only thing I can't stand about McGwire is that he's so one-dimensional; if it wasn't that he could wallop a ball over a fence, he'd never have made it in the bigs. Not an all-star fielder, can't run, frequently injured...

Still, I have to hand it to him; he's a real class act, andro or no andro.

05-19-00, 12:31 AM
:( :( :( :( :( :( :(

I like Mac a lot, but I LOVE Mick more.

05-19-00, 06:53 AM
Wow!! It looks like Mac will be over 50 again this year. No one in history has had as many successive 50 HR years. He could keep this up for at least another 3 years and tack on 200+ HR's to his totals.

Look for him to finish his career in the AL as a DH.

05-19-00, 07:42 AM
I guess all records are made to be broken. Although I 'really' do hate to see any "Yankee" records broken, if it has to happen, I'm happy that someone like Mac is the one to do the breaking. He's really a nice guy and "ya gotta give credit where credit is due!" The man sure can hit that ball!! :)

And Nome, you're right!! It looks like another record setting year ahead of us.....and aren't we all lucky to be able to see it when ~ and if it happens!! :)

05-19-00, 09:38 AM
Maybe he's one-dimensional, but look at his numbers over the past 3 years...

OB% .429
SLG .697
#HR 64 ------That's an AVERAGE of 64 per year!
RBI 139
BB 132

Right now (as of 5/16) his SLG=.871 and OB%=.512!!! That's an OPS=1.383 and that's BEFORE last nite's 3HR, 7RBI bonanza.

I never really felt the full gravity of his offensive prowess...he's ridiculous...check it out...
Big Mac Stats (http://espn.go.com/mlb/profiles/stats/batting/3866.html)

Even though his efforts have been wasted, the Cards have a potent lineup this year ESPECIALLY with Edmonds' torrid start. Pitching seems a little thin, but then again, whose isn't? It would be great for baseball to have Big Mac in the post season...in fact, right now it looks like either Mac or Grif will be playing in October. A good pennant race there would be GREAT for the media. Sickening, I'm sure, but great.

05-19-00, 10:28 PM
I hope he tries to break his own record of 70. Nobody thought 61 would be broken...but it was..