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06-22-01, 04:38 PM
Hi everyone i've been in this forum a couple of months now but I really dont no a lot of you people. I would like to meet some of you people at a Yankee game this year. I have already been to a few games this year and I will be going to a Boston game on September 3rd, will anybody be at that game? I will be sitting in the bleacher's.

06-22-01, 10:15 PM
thats cool that you'll be going to the stadium I live too far to go for me it would have to be on a vacation or something . Have you checked out the forum party post thats where yould find the info you're looking for . But anyway have fun at the game Go Yankees :D :NY: :D

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06-22-01, 10:16 PM
elcome wwtopdawg! I don't know if I'll be at that game but I'm glad you joined us here! :)

06-22-01, 11:51 PM
Welcome aboard! Happy posting! :)

06-23-01, 01:20 AM
:D Welcome.

06-23-01, 10:35 AM
I actually ment the game on the 8th not the 3rd

06-23-01, 10:50 AM
It's nice to see ya here. Welcome! :)

06-23-01, 12:07 PM
Welcome wwtopdawg!!! :) Hope to see you at the Forum Party Game!

Keep Posting & Enjoying this Place as we all are!!!!


06-23-01, 12:50 PM
:) Welcome! :)

06-23-01, 09:43 PM
Welcome, dawg! I'm not sure if I'll be at that game, but you should definitely have no problems meeting some of us - I have been lucky enough to meet a bunch of fellow forumers, and they are some great people!

Keep smiling and welcome...:)

07-08-01, 02:14 PM
Welcome to Bronx Bommers!:D

07-09-01, 09:02 AM