View Full Version : Announcement Of Changes

05-13-00, 03:35 PM
Hey all-

In efforts to increase the speed of the forums, I have eliminated the images for profile, email, edit, etc. above the posts. They are now text links, and this makes the pages load a LOT quicker.

If many of you prefer the images, I can still put them back. But I am aware that a good number of you are on AOL or similar services, that don't have the fastest access, so I have done this with you in mind.

Please let me know what you think.


05-13-00, 04:44 PM
You da man Jim!

05-14-00, 01:27 AM
So I guess you like it, eh? ;)

05-14-00, 02:55 PM
Thanks for thinking of us Jim. You're a great kid!

05-14-00, 10:27 PM
ME? lol :)

Hey, you know me; I'm constantly trying to make this site better, you know that. :)

Is it making any difference that you can tell so far?