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  1. When The Yankees Traded Bobby Murcer for Bobby Bonds
  2. Fewest Innings Pitched By A 20 Game Winner: Bob Grim
  3. Was Rogers Hornsby Better Than Babe Ruth?
  4. The 1985 Yankees Came Close
  5. Joe Dimaggio's Privacy
  6. My latest completed project...
  7. Old time radio
  8. The A's Outdid Boston's 7-0 Deficit
  9. Lou Gehrig for Phil Todt?
  10. Joe DiMaggio's Silence
  11. Action Slow At Yankee Memorabilia Auction
  12. Joe DiMaggio's All-Star Flop
  13. A Special Pinch Hit Home Run: The Batter, Pitcher, and Catcher Were Jewish
  14. My latest aquisitions
  15. Top 30 pitchers
  16. MLB Logo
  17. '38 Ruth Dodgers uniform goes for $310,500
  18. Post your latest acquisitions here.
  19. New Sports Museum Opens in Los Angeles
  20. Great article: Donnie Baseball circa 1989
  21. Congratulations to Joe Gordon -- the newest election into Cooperstown
  22. what season(s) did the Yankees have the most patches on their jerseys?
  23. This Week In Baseball History
  24. Shoeless Joe jackson has almost 1.000 ops but he threw the WS ?
  25. Lou Gehrig's Farewell Speech
  26. Woman almost sells rare card for $10
  27. Upcoming Yankees autograph signing show in NJ
  28. There Are Hall of Famers and There is Joe DiMaggio
  29. Billy Martin ESPN episode
  30. Online (Free) Audios of Old Yanks Games?
  31. BGS Grading
  32. Yanks for the Memories autograph show
  33. Weekly Baseball History 1/25-1/31
  34. Cy Young 3 And Yanks For The Memories Part II
  35. Autograph signings website
  36. Autograph Alert Website
  37. Weekly Baseball History 2/1-2/7
  38. Weekly Baseball History 2/8-2/14
  39. The Yankee Years - my review
  40. I've had this baseball card since I was 9 years old
  41. Anybody Interested In Buying A Bunch Of Old Baseball Cards?
  42. Clemente versus Kaline
  43. Players Who Have Played For Four Teams In The Same Division
  44. Yanks for the memories II photos and yarns
  45. Memorabilia & Autograph show at Hofstra 3/7/9
  46. Tom Sturdivant dies
  47. Greatest living hitter or player debate
  48. Yogi Berra Contest
  49. How Many Pitchers Have Pitched More Than One No-Hitter?
  50. Two Cycles In Three Days
  51. Three Consecutive Years With An ERA Under 2.00, 40 Saves, 60 Ks, and 20 or Less Walks
  52. Two Pitchers With The Most Pitches Through Two Innings On The Same Team
  53. Stan Musial Video Clip
  54. Maddog's Top 5 Pitchers!
  55. Three Consecutive Games Lasting At Least 4 Hours
  56. Seven Consecutive Half Innings With Runs In Extra Innings
  57. Three Consecutive and Five Out Of Seven Decisions For A Reliever
  58. Most RBI By A Player Against One Team In A Season
  59. James "Cool Papa" Bell Documentary
  60. Got These Pieces Signed
  61. On this day (5/22) in 1963
  62. Ebbets Field Brick
  63. The Last Game at Ebbets Field
  64. YoYocart.com
  65. Help identifying 60's Yankees photos
  66. Dan Haren: 0.82 WHIP and Wins From Less Than Half His Starts
  67. Lou Gehrig's letters
  68. 4+ Inning Save For A Yankee
  69. Most Runs Allowed By A Position Player While Pitching In A Season
  70. New Gehrig Collectible
  71. Two Players Ever With Two Runs But No Hits In An All-Star Game
  72. Cards and Yearbooks
  73. Intentional Walk and Sac Bunt Rarities Done by the Mets Today
  74. Charlie Silvera's unusal career
  75. Teams With .550+ Winning Percentages That Missed The Playoffs 1995-2008
  76. Three Yankees Getting Their First Career Save In A Season
  77. Players Who Led MLB In Home Runs and Runs The Same Season
  78. Aaron Harang Leads MLB In Losses With A 4.25 ERA
  79. Winless Pitchers Appearing In MVP Voting
  80. Most Hits With RISP For A Team In A Game
  81. A Cycle With The Only Extra Base Hits On Your Team
  82. Jersey Frames
  83. Players Who Played For The Same Pair Of Teams In Multiple Seasons
  84. If John Smoltz never pitches again...
  85. Two Games In One Series Scoreless Through 9 Innings
  86. A Pitcher's Record To Change By 10+ Games In One Season
  87. For the older fans (1964)
  88. Number Of Pitchers Within 3 Wins Of The MLB Lead
  89. Two Teammates Playing A Position Nonconsecutively In A Game
  90. Striking Out Every Hitter In The Opposing Lineup
  91. Yankees In AL MVP Voting
  92. Happy Birthday Roger Maris
  93. Has A Team Ever Been In 1 Game Playoffs In Consecutive Seasons?
  94. Was there ever a time in major league play ...
  95. A Pictorial History Of The St. Louis Cardinals (1876-present)
  96. Cy Young Winners With The Worst ERA Among Pitchers Who Received Votes
  97. Worst Cy Young Finish For The League Leader In ERA
  98. Fourteen years ago today, Pat Kelly saved the Yankees season
  99. 5 Pitchers On The Same Team With 150+ Innings, Winning % > .500, and ERA < 4.50
  100. Most Losses Without A Win In A Season
  101. First 10 Or More Runs In The Sixth Inning Or Later
  102. Walkoff Magic
  103. Bob Keppel Did Something For The First Time Yesterday
  104. New Film Clip of Babe Ruth
  105. Last Yankee To Get A Win In His First Career Postseason Game
  106. Last pitch in two parks.
  107. Has there ever been 3 pinch-hit home runs, or more, in a game?
  108. Jerry Coleman, Mvp Of The Ws In 1950
  109. Most Innings Pitched In One Postseason Without Starting A Game
  110. Matsui Did Something For The First Time Tonight
  111. Up To 55 Players Who Have Won 5 World Series
  112. Yankees beat the curse of 103!
  113. New York Yankees - My view
  114. Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No
  115. MLBN All-Time Games
  116. Tommy Henrich: R.I.P.
  117. Amazing -- 1971 Hall of Fame voting
  118. Billy Martin
  119. Great book on Yogi
  120. Mark Melancon's First Professional Jersey
  121. Off beat trivia question.
  122. A Series Without Any Decision For Starters
  123. A Three More Or Game Series With Every Game Having The Same Margin
  124. It was 63 years ago today (April 15, 1947) ...
  125. Thurman Munson Way
  126. Who Was The Last Pitcher To Start Consecutive Games That Were 0-0 After 9 Innings?
  127. Power numbers (# worn on player's jersey)
  128. Three Balls Hit In Play That Weren't Hits But Scored Runs
  129. Before Pena Yesterday, Who Was The Last Yankee To Pinch Run and Bat In An Inning?
  130. Record Of Every MLB Team Before They Got Perfect Gamed
  131. The Yankees Got Shutout On Consecutive Days But Not Consecutive Games
  132. Mariano Rivera Did Something For The First Time Today
  133. When Was The Last Time The Yankees Bullpen Gave Up 4 Runs In Four Consecutive Games?
  134. RIP Dorothy "Dottie" Kamenshek
  135. Bases Loaded No Out Three Innings In A Row
  136. Who Is The Oldest Player Ever Caught Stealing Home?
  137. Consecutive Starters Against The Yankees Pitching 8 Or More Innings
  138. 150, 200, and 300 Wins vs. 1,500, 2,000, and 3,000 Hits
  139. A Team Having Exactly One Of Each Type Of Hit In A Game
  140. A Grand Slam and Bases Loaded No Out Later In The Same Inning
  141. Three Errors By A Player In An Inning
  142. Fewest Career At-Bats Before Hiting Into A Triple Play
  143. Who Was The Last Yankee To Make His MLB Debut In interleague Play?
  144. Who Was The Last Pitcher To Win His 20th Game In August Or Earlier?
  145. Who Was The Youngest Yankee To Win 20 Games In A Season?
  146. Two Outfield Assists For A Player In One Inning
  147. Need a little help.
  148. Bob Sheppard & George Steinbrenner in pictures
  149. What Active Players Have Won World Series With Two Teams?
  150. The George Steinbrenner/Bob Sheppard Memorial Jersey
  151. Who Was The Last Catcher To Steal Two Bases In A Game Against The Yankees?
  152. First Hit Of The Game To Be A Grand Slam
  153. Question about Switch hitters home runs.
  154. What's The Most Times A Team Has Shutout One Opponent In One Season?
  155. The Yankees Have Played Five Consecutive Games Decided By 1 Run
  156. Rest In Peace Bobby Thompson
  157. Five Yankees Threw 12 Pitches Each Tonight
  158. Who Was The Last Yankee To Have At Least 19 Wins In Consecutive Seasons?
  159. Yankees With A Winning % Below .500 and Enough Innings To Qualify
  160. A Team To Have Three Of The Top Ten In MLB In RBI
  161. "A Hero Named Bobby" by Bob Herbert
  162. First Career Home Run and Stolen Base In The Same Game
  163. What was the deal with Babe Ruth and the MVP award?
  164. A Team To Have A 19 Game Winner For Five Consecutive Years
  165. The Yankees Could Do Something Bad For The First Time In Team History This Season
  166. Who Was The Last Team To Have Three Pitchers With ERAs Under 3.00?
  167. Has There Ever Been A Three Way Tie For The Best Record In MLB?
  168. hard to find yankee jacket
  169. Two Consecutive Games Where The Starters Had The Same Number Of Innings and ER
  170. The All-Jewish Team
  171. Two Players With 40 Stolen Bases On A Below .400 Team
  172. Ken Burns' Baseball
  173. Who Was The Last Pitcher To Get His First Career Win By Beating A 20 Game Winner?
  174. 40 Man Roster Expand?
  175. A Baseball first.
  176. 6+ Plate Appearances, No Outs, and No RBI For A Yankee In A Game
  177. Most Errors By A Yankee Catcher In A Season With Less Than 300 At-Bats
  178. What if?
  179. A Team Having A Pitcher Allow At Least 5 Runs In Three Consecutive Postseason Games
  180. Players who won World Series Rings with 3 or more teams
  181. 191*8* World Series Scandal
  182. Old Yankee Road Uniform.....................
  183. Scoring a Runner Struck by Batted Ball?
  184. Game 7 of1960 World Series
  185. MLB Network to showcase the 2003 Season
  186. How the New York JETS helped save Fenway Park from the wrecking ball
  187. Was this the strangest Yankees loss ever?
  188. RIP Andy Jurinko
  189. Former MLB pitcher shares his old stadium photos online
  190. Duke Snider passes away....
  191. Most important event in New York Yankees history?
  192. Historic film clip of Ruth and Gehrig found
  193. Pitchers Allowing 4 Home Runs and Beating The Yankees
  194. Who Was The Last Yankee Catcher To Hit Two Home Runs Before Martin and Posada?
  195. Is Billy Wagner A Hall Of Famer? and Comparison To Rivera
  196. Two New York Teams Both Having Home Games Rained Out The Same Day
  197. 1961 : 50 years ago Roger Maris hit 61 HR
  198. Yankees Making Their MLB Debut On Jackie Robinson Day
  199. 6 DPs by the first 6 batters. Has this ever happened before?
  200. Lou Gehrig's farewell speech
  201. A Pitcher Allowing Hits To 10 Opposing Hitters
  202. question about an Old Timers date
  203. Players Who Played For The Yankees and Mets In The Same Season
  204. Players With The Most Seasons With Multiple Teams Played For
  205. Players Whose Only MLB Game Was With The Yankees
  206. Players Who Played For At Least Three Teams Nonconsecutively
  207. Players Who Played For A Team Before and After It Moved But Not While It Moved
  208. What's The Most Teams A Player Has Played For In One Season?
  209. What's The Most Nonconsecutive Times A Player Has Played For One Team?
  210. Getting a NYY signed jersey authenticated
  211. Three Yankee Starts Of 8 Or More Innings In Five Games
  212. At Least 14 Baserunners With 2 Hits Or Fewer
  213. 127 Pitches In A Game Against The Yankees
  214. 6+ Runs Allowed On No More Than 4 Hits and No More Than 1 Walk
  215. 16 Strikeouts and 9 Hits Allowed In 7 Innings Or Less
  216. Today Was The First Time The Yankees Lost Without Having A Hitter Strike Out Since...
  217. May 14, 1961 Rocky Colavito charges the stands at Yankee Stadium
  218. Nolan Ryan rookie autographed picture
  219. Killebrew and the Hall of Fame
  220. 7 unearned runs - 0 earned runs
  221. George Steinbrenner Letters blocked from Hall of Fame
  222. Three Rare Events Questions
  223. At Least 7 Runs, At Least 4 Home Runs, and Only 7 Baserunners In A Game
  224. When Was The Last Year The MLB ERA Was Below 4.00?
  225. 100 years ago today
  226. Is Omar Vizquel The Oldest Player To Play A Position For The First Time?
  227. Who Was The Last Yankee To Pitch 9+ Innings In Consecutive Starts?
  228. What's The Most Runs In One Inning In A Game With A Save?
  229. Need info on 2007 Topps Hunter Pence Yankees variation baseball card
  230. Top 5 In MVP Or Cy Young Voting Three Consecutive Years With Three Different Teams
  231. What's The Most Batters Ever In One MLB Half Inning?
  232. What's The Worst Batting Average By A Player After A Game In Which He Had His...
  233. The Yankees Have 5 Home Runs and 5 Stolen Bases For The First Time Tonight (1919-Now)
  234. Teammates With WHIPs Below 1.00 In A Season
  235. Sports posters from the 80s
  236. A Player's First Career 3 Home Run Game Before His First Career 2 Home Run Game
  237. A.J. Burnett's Feat
  238. Hits, but few RBI
  239. 24 Or More Strikeouts By A Yankee In Two Consecutive Starts
  240. Schedule oddity
  241. 3 Home Runs Allowed and No Outs For A Pitcher In A Game
  242. Before Today What Was The Last Yankee Game and Last MLB With 0 Earned Runs and 0 RBI?
  243. Before Sabathia Today, Who Was The Last Yankee To...?
  244. Before Kyle Weiland Today, Who Was The Last Player To Get Ejected From His MLB Debut?
  245. AB between 2999 and 3000 hits
  246. Tyler Clippard Got 0 Batters Out and Won The All-Star Game
  247. Two Teammate Pitchers Committing Errors In The Same Inning
  248. Teammates Getting First Career Win and First Career Save In The Same Game
  249. What's The Most Runs The Yankees Have Ever Scored In The First 3 Innings...
  250. What's The Most Amount Of Teammates With 10 Wins In A Season?