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  1. Free Kei Igawa
  2. Trade Ian Kennedy for A Bag of Baseballs.
  3. Will The Yankees Make the Playoffs: Yes or No
  4. Reason why the Angels own the Yanks...
  5. How can I dodge "$200 payroll"
  6. Key mistakes of the 2008 season (with 20/20 hindsight)
  7. 3.5 games out with 6 teams to pass. Think the Yanks can do it?
  8. Why did the Yanks pass on Paul Byrd?
  9. Spirit Of '78?!
  10. The Race for Draft Pick Protection
  11. Hughes, Wang, Pavano. WHEN?
  12. 2009 Opener April 16 Vs Indians
  13. The Rotation for the rest of August
  14. List the problems with this team/organization
  15. The Derek Jeter has an Edge Thread
  16. Joe Girardi. Horrible or Great?
  17. Where's Johnny?
  18. AL Cy Young and MVPs
  19. playoff shot?
  20. Guess the Pavano injury game
  21. CF in 2009?
  22. Is Kevin on the hotseat?
  23. AJ Burnett is damn sexy.
  24. The Horace Clarke Years
  25. Should HUGHES/KENNEDY get Pavano's innings ?
  26. The 2008 season~slip sliding away
  27. Here's how we come back and make the playoffs:
  28. Not sure where Abreu fits next season
  29. Yankee pitchers vs. Boston sans Manny
  30. Ken Rosenthal has got to be one of the most annoying journalists EVER!
  31. In other news...
  32. The A-Rod doubleplay thread.
  33. Should Damon bat 4th in the line-up?
  34. batting lineup ideas
  35. 2008 Yankees - RIP ....
  36. They've been done since June.
  37. It was fun while it lasted....
  38. Giambi's HR?
  39. It's Time For Some Pessimism!!!
  40. September Call-Ups
  41. The Yankees' New Role [Playing Spoiler For Sox - Mod]
  42. No wonder Jeter is so good....
  43. Hank says Yanks interested in C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett
  44. Howie Kendrick on the DL with a hamstring injury.
  45. We play today, we win today. Das it.
  46. Time to trade away veterans for prospect.
  47. Pettition to change Arod's number
  48. The 3 mortal sins, who is responsible?
  49. Catcher for next year?
  50. Most dissapointing thing about this season?
  51. Let's see who wants our players.
  52. Given the choice between '08 and '09...
  53. Positive things of the 2008 Season...
  54. The Inconvenient Truth ...
  55. Good Goly,It's Oli ! (ver Perez--Mod)
  56. Dayn Perry continuously hates on the Yankees, but now Derek Jeter
  57. Kevin Long: Is He To Blame?
  58. So, which team will you cheer for in the playoffs?
  59. Do You Want Moose/Pettitte Back?
  60. Gene Michael sent to Japan to scout pitching
  61. Daily News: Boras Negotiated Alex's contract - and its for $315 mil
  62. The New Management Thread
  63. First Pitch Swinging...
  64. Question about possible Jeter record
  65. Let the kids (and Ransom) play!
  66. It's that time again
  67. Fan Appreciation Day - Sept. 12, 2008
  68. Play General Manager....
  69. Am I the only one annoyed by Jeter's record title?
  70. Bring Back Buck!
  71. Is Girardi that bad, Torre that good or just bad circumstances?
  72. Girardi Sends Message to Cano by Benching Him
  73. Magglio Ordonez?
  74. If All Teams' Records In 2007 Were What They Are This Year Would A-Rod Still Be MVP?
  75. SHUT UP Posada!!!!
  76. Nady at 1B in 2009 Solves Some Logjam Problems
  77. Give Marte save Opportunities
  78. A-Rod's Divorce Settled
  79. Does anyone else feel like they watched a funeral today?
  80. Offical Countdown to Jeter Breaking The All-Time Yankee Hit Mark
  81. Thank you for the memories Yankee Stadium
  82. Bern baby Bern???
  83. Team Hero(es) and Goat(s): 2008 Season
  84. Brian Bruney since comeback from injury
  85. Baby Steinbrenner Taking a Shot at Joe Torre
  86. Plan B if no CC/Burnett/Sheets?
  87. Ban the notion of dismissing "early" losses
  88. Matt Kemp. Why do you wanna trade Cano for him?
  89. Joe Torre's Last Seven Seasons with the Yankees
  90. So close!! Why didn't we do it!
  91. Hit By Pitch
  92. Cody Ransom's Defense (you're welcome)
  93. Who would the Yankees protect if MLB added teams in '09 (mod)?
  94. So Baseball is over... Tampa here I come...
  95. Pure Speculation: Would Lyle Overbay Be a Good Fit at 1B?
  96. Speculation: Matsui+ prospects for Ichiro
  97. Cano for Peavy yes or no ??
  98. Max Kellermans plans for the Yankees. Would the media ever allow it ?
  99. Why The Yanks Need Manny Ramirez
  100. If you can take any one BoSox player and put him on the Yanks, who would it be?
  101. Per Heyman: Jeter, Mo and others have soured on Girardi
  102. Stock Market Crash to help the Yankees and hurt other teams
  103. Pick one - Teixeira or CC
  104. If the mets are willing to give us Beltran for basically nothing we should jump on it
  105. Poll: Tex vs any pitcher besides CC
  106. Who do you think get's Tex?
  107. Who do the Yankees sign as FA(starting pitchers)
  108. Who do the Yankees sign as FA(pitchers)
  109. What FA pitchers do the Yankees sign?
  110. What FA hitters do the Yankees sign?
  111. Do you think KeithF40 should stop making threads?
  112. Do you think we should we make an ITL III for "Do you think?" polls?
  113. Pudge a Type-A; Should he be offered arbitration?
  114. Pettitte wants to return, per Olney via ESPN First Take
  115. If only we still had him (Torre-Mod)
  116. Excited about Cano next Season
  117. NSL: Yankees Have Inquired About Jake Peavy
  118. Carlos Pena
  119. Most Important Signing This Year ... Bill James
  120. Cano for Cain, let's do it!
  121. Gotta Have A Good Plan B
  122. Yankees Interested In Mike Cameron
  123. Pessimistic thread
  124. Matt Holliday being shopped
  125. Pick One: Burnett, Lowe, Mussina, Perez, Sheets, Trade Cano for Other
  126. Convince Me Why AJ Burnett Is A Good Investment?
  127. Heyman news
  128. Tazawa...throws 97 is Japanese and a Free agent
  129. Dumb trade rumors from dumber sports writers
  130. Trade Proposals
  131. Trade Proposals/FA Signings That Just Might Make Sense
  132. "Legendary Scout Livesey" rehired
  133. Report: Yankees interested in Holliday, Atkins and Taveras
  134. Marte option?
  135. Which prospects should we trade?
  136. Rumors About Trading For Any Of The Dodgers Goodies
  137. Mike Cameron?
  138. What about Swish?
  139. The official Mark Teixeira is a free agent thread
  140. Why can't teams trade draft picks?
  141. Does Francessa make any sense ? Wants a balanced lineup but no "bret butler" in CF
  142. Ryan Dempster?
  143. What teams matchup for a trade?
  144. 11/14/08 - Friday signing?
  145. Prince Fielder to the Yankees?
  146. Mark Loretta?
  147. Official Nick Swisher Trade Opinion Poll
  148. Do you think the Swisher signing sets us up to go sign Manny?
  149. Time to Trade Xavier Nady
  150. Rasner Going to Japan
  151. Where's the big contract for Toe Nash???
  152. The 2009 Offense right now. Is it good enough?
  153. Who's Our Set-up Man?
  154. Hank Blalock?
  155. What about trading for Barry Zito?
  156. (MOD EDIT) NYPost: Burnett (RUMORED) To Be Offered 5 years 80 Million By Yanks!
  157. Looking beyond the 2008-2009 offseason (focus: 2010 free agents)
  158. Bring The Local Boy Home: DeJesus for CF in 2009!
  159. Should the Yankees CONSIDER Lastings Milledge?
  160. Bernie: Still not ready for retirement
  161. John McDonald as utility fielder?
  162. Baldelli as our 4th outfielder?
  163. The Official "Get Adam Dunn" Thread
  164. When will we move DJ from SS?
  165. Prediction time, who will the Yanks add this off-season?
  166. The Semi-Unofficial Ben Sheets Thread
  167. Yankees Now Ignoring Ben Sheets [Edited]
  168. Buy low on Erik Bedard
  169. Yankees interested in O.Perez
  170. Defensive Ratings (UZR, +/-, ect..)
  171. Milton Bradley?
  172. Burnett or Lowe, or other?
  173. Top 20 most important Yankees
  174. why not make a run for Peavy?
  175. Can we ever get this back??
  176. The reasons that Phil Hughes is (obviously) bound to fail.
  177. Yanks Decline Arbitration On Pettitte, Abreu
  178. The Official "DONT SIGN DEREK LOWE" Thread
  179. My hopes for the rest of the 08 Offseason
  180. Crazy idea of the day: Trade for Vernon Wells
  181. Why not take a chance on Jon Garland?
  182. What about Brad Penny?
  183. Adam Dunn anyone?
  184. Who cares how many LF/RF are already on the roster - GET DELMON YOUNG
  185. BBT: Cano for Kemp?
  186. Posada insurance?
  187. Matsui sighting
  188. Crazy idea: Rafael Furcal?
  189. Dear baseball GM's, owners, players and agents.
  190. CF idea of the day - Rick Ankiel
  191. Zack Greinke
  192. Any interest in John Smoltz?
  193. Jerry Crasnick [Guesses-MOD]: Yankees offering Burnett five-year, $91.5M deal
  194. Not pursuing Texiera is a mistake
  195. What message are the Yankees sending to Chien-Ming Wang?
  196. On the Offensive! Manny vs. Tex
  197. Non-tender guys
  198. Forget Mike Cameron... how about Willy Taveres?
  199. Leave the 5th spot open
  200. Following the AJ Burnett signing, would you rather now sign another starter or Tex?
  201. When healthy, best rotation in Yankees history?
  202. Who starts the stadium opener?
  203. Finishing the offseason
  204. Lets go after Adrian Gonzalez
  205. Yanks biggest remaining weakness? Defense.
  206. Forget Mike Cameron...Grady Sizemore!
  207. Need anotehr bat
  208. What is more critical to the '09 Yankees?
  209. Please Trade Damon
  210. O's Decline Cabrera-[Should Yanks Sign? Mod]
  211. Takashi Saito made a FA
  212. How To Sign Teixiera,Win #27, & Still Lower Payroll:
  213. Forget Mike Cameron AND Grady Sizemore! Miguel Cabrera!
  214. Payroll
  215. Payroll 2009 and beyond
  216. Poll : Another Starting Pitcher or Impact Hitter?
  217. The Joba rules still in effect?
  218. Report: Yankees to pursue either Teixeira, Manny or Dye
  219. Yankees Improve Rotation, Keep Young Talent
  220. Ty Wigginton or Aaron Miles for....
  221. What can be expected from Wang in 2009? (mod)
  222. Nady vs Swisher
  223. What if for some strange reason Tex picks the Yankees
  224. How about Barry Bonds?
  225. So Cash once again will fail to sign the best two way player on the market
  226. [Yanks Schedule 2009-Mod]Brutality: 66 in 70
  227. Tex NOT going to the Sox
  228. Randy Johnson anyone?
  229. Best option for our rotation?
  230. 2009 Yankees Bullpen thread
  231. Yankees Death Match: Joba in Pen vs. Santana
  232. So if Cash wasnt going to sign a big bat, why the hell did we let Abreu go ?
  233. Opening day roster if season started today?
  234. Brian Fuentes?
  235. OFFICIAL "The Business Is Going" Thread
  236. Yankees get $26.9 million tax bill from Selig
  237. Alright Ill say it, Cash is God Great job this offseason
  238. I'm betting we have another MAJOR move or two upcoming
  239. CC, AJ, TEX vs CC, Lowe, Manny
  240. So where does Manny go now?
  241. I think we should have Tex on the Bench
  242. Yankee Fire Sale (Post Off Season Signings Trade Discussions)
  243. Girardi on the hot seat!
  244. Who Would You Rather Trade
  245. AJ, CC, Tex ... and a partridge in a pear tree
  246. The Official ITL-II Yankee Performance non-Mega Thread Discussion Thread
  247. 2009 NYY UTL IF - Whose it going to be?
  248. Do we want some one off the scrap heap ?
  249. The Official Do Not Trade Nady or Cano thread
  250. Catching options?